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Discovering the Wonders of Canada

With soaring skyscrapers, stunning highlands, historic landmarks, bustling metropolises, astounding waterfalls, and several adventurous spots, Canada ranks globally among the top tourist destinations. A trip to Canada means adventure, regardless of the time or place you visit.  
Located in North America, the three territories and ten provinces of Canada extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and Northwards into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world’s second-largest country by area and inhabits around 38.25 million people. Ottawa is the capital city and English is the official language of the country. 
Plan luxury travel to Canada by availing of Canada luxury holiday packages 2023 and discover the diverse range of adventurous activities, stunning spots, and beautiful landscapes that ranks it among the world’s most desired destinations. Visit with your children and spend luxury family holidays in Canada by availing of family holiday packages 2023. Whether it’s the honeymoon of newlyweds, a family trip, or solo explorers seeking adventure, Canada luxury holidays provide a diverse range of experiences. The country has the best luxury 5-star hotels and resorts where vacationers can relax and relish the world-class amenities. This startling amalgamation of exploration, fun, and adventure makes Canada an ideal holiday destination for tourists globally. 

1.	Skiing at Whistler Resort Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

1. Skiing at Whistler Resort

Among the top outdoor activities for visitors in Canada, skiing is one of the most popular. There are plenty of skiing options among which, Whistler in British Columbia is the best choice for skiing enthusiasts to shred the slopes. Whistler is located in the Coastal Highland range and is just around a two-hour drive from Vancouver. 
The spectacular spot is not only popular with skiing and snowboarding lovers but also ideal for splendid views, dining, and nightlife with several luxury resorts for prestigious visitors. Tourists can also reside at the Vancouver Island luxury resorts, relatively close to Whistler, and embrace the Canada luxury holidays experience. 

2.	Watch the Magnificent Northern Lights Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

2. Watch the Magnificent Northern Lights

Another unique experience Canada luxury tours offer is the magnificent Aurora Oval which enfolds much of Canada. Among the ideal spots to observe the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are the provinces of British Columbia in Canada. Visitors can buy a map created by Canadian Geographic that displays other ideal places in Canada to watch the breathtaking views of the Northern Lights. 
 Some of the relatively distant Northern provinces experience the midnight sun in summer, so visitors are suggested to plan Canada holidays in winter to observe the Lights in the clear, dark skies and relish the Canda luxury holidays experience. Tourists must experience this stunning phenomenon of nature and cherish the unique and memorable family holidays in Canada.

3.	Edge Walk at the CN Tower Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

3. Edge Walk at the CN Tower

Among the top adventurous things to do in Canada is Edge Walking at the CN Tower in Toronto. Adventure lovers can go in a group of a maximum of six people, get to the rooftop and walk around its circumference. To ensure safety, visitors are worn orange jumpsuits, a harness, and closed-toed shoes with robust clutch.
On a clear day, one can view the soaring skyscrapers, including Mississauga’s famous Marilyn Monroe buildings and the spectacular views of Niagara Falls. The guide will have adventure devotees, do tricks who can also take pictures and videos of the unforgettable, exhilarating moments. To fully embrace the Canada luxury holidays experience, visiting the CN Tower and Edge Walking on its roof is a must for tourists.  

4.	Canadian Canoeing Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

4. Canadian Canoeing

Canadian canoeing is an exciting activity that is a must-do for adrenaline seekers while visiting The Great White North. The country vaunts numerous splendid rivers and lakes to explore. Ontario is recognized among the ideal places for canoeing and fully embracing the Canada luxury holidays experience, due to its plenteous straits and routes. 
Another known region to explore for Canadian canoeing is the Northwestern Territories. One can paddle through the thrilling Nahanni Canyon and experience the jagged Barren lands. One chiefly recognized course takes you down the South Nahanni River which offers magnificent views of the wild nature to explorers. 

5.	Bungee jump Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

5. Bungee jump

Canada is known for the unique experiences it offers to explorers and adventurers. The Great Canadian Bungee is considered the best spot that vaunts the peak bungee jump in the whole of Canada which thrill seekers can experience and create unforgettable Canada luxury holiday memories. 
For thrill chasers who are visiting Ottawa, they can take a 20-minute detour from Downtown and head to the most eminent bungee jumping spot, ‘The Rock’. Standing at 200 feet tall, The Rock is the highest jump in the U.S. Adrenaline junkies can experience one of the world’s most spectacular bungee jumps in an Amphitheatre of limestone rock above a glittering aquamarine lake. For tourists who want to relax, they can visit Morrison’s Quarry Beach and picnic spots with family to cherish the luxury family holidays. 

6.	Unwind in the Famous Thermea Spas Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

6. Unwind in the Famous Thermea Spas

This oasis located in the South of Winnipeg features several spas to rejuvenate tourists through a warm-cold-relax cycle. Providing a unique winter experience, this is a must-visit relaxing spot for tourists to unwind and embrace the Canda luxury holidays experience. 
The visitors begin by taking a sauna bath and inhaling the essential oils while enjoying the soft music. Then they hop into a 15 C pool to get an adrenaline rush and swim underneath a waterfall to reach the other side. After this refreshing experience, they head into the relaxation gazebo to enjoy a cup of hot tea, sitting by the fire. 

7.	Polar Bear Safari Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

7. Polar Bear Safari

Observing the giant polar bears is a sight not to be missed while in Canada. Head to the remote town of Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world, situated in the Manitoba province. Besides polar bear watching, tourists can also observe the arctic foxes gliding around the tundra or gape at the impressive dance of the Northern Lights across the sky and cherish the most incredible Canada luxury holidays experience. 
Tourists can undertake the Tundra Buggy Adventure to get a safe and close encounter with polar bears, and other remarkable wildlife like reindeer, snowy owls, etc. 

8.	Hike a mountain in the Rockies Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

8. Hike a mountain in the Rockies

Inhabiting the breathtaking backwoods, incredible wildlife, and splendid aquamarine lakes, the Rockies Mountain range traverses Alberta and British Columbia. Enthusiastic voyagers can trail through the 1,600 km trail of the Rockies and relish the unique Canda luxury holidays experience. 
Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rockies connects with the stunning Banff National Park where climbers and trekkers can quench their thirst for exploration and rejuvenate in the nearest 5-star luxury hotels and resorts afterwards.  

9.	Enjoy Winter Hike in The Northeast Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

9. Enjoy Winter Hike in The Northeast

Winter hiking is a unique experience and a recommended adventure for all explorers and adrenaline seekers. Canada has some of the best sites for winter hiking in which, Windy Lake National Park and Northeastern Ontario rank at the top. 
Windy Lake National Park offers some of the best winter sights where not just trekkers but also ski and snowboard lovers can fulfill their adventure thirst. The town of Killarney sited in Northeastern Ontario, offers more implausible trekking opportunities. Tourists can trek across these marvelous landscapes and exult in the remarkable Canadian luxury holidays experience. 

   10. Rejuvenate in the Ice Hotel Things to Do in Canada

Things to do in Canada

10. Rejuvenate in the Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel is a unique idea for visitors to cozy up in the freezing bar while sipping on vodka. This is a must-visit place for tourists especially those residing in Whistler or Quebec City to bask in the exceptional Canada luxury holidays experience. 
Hôtel de Glace is an ice hotel situated right outside Quebec City where visitors can spend a whole night in a hotel built from ice. While in Whistler British Columbia, there is an incredible ice bar at the Bearfoot Bistro where visitors can rejuvenate and relish the unforgettable luxury holidays in Canada. 

Fun Activities for Thrill Seekers in Canada 


Savor the Traditional Canadian Cuisine

1.	Poutine
1. Poutine

Poutine is a traditional French-Canadian food made with crunchy fries, dripping gravy, and cheese curds combined in a delicious blend and topped with smoked meat, bacon, or tattered pork. 

2.	Butter Tarts
2. Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are a delicious conventional Canadian dessert prepared by taking crumbly pastry shells and filling them with butter, sugar, and egg stuffing.  

3.	Montreal Smoked Meat
3. Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal smoked meat is a lump of meat, dowsed in a spice mixture for over a week and then hot-smoked. It is usually served on rye bread with pickles and mustard.

4.	Tourtière
4. Tourtière

The traditional French Canadian Tourtière is a delectable meat pie commonly eaten in all of Canada. The meat options vary country-wide but beef, veal, game, and pork are the popular choices for meat stuffing.

5.	Beavertails
5. Beavertails

A delicious traditional Canadian dessert, Beavertails are made from a slab of luscious, fried dough, swathed in a variety of toppings like peanut butter, Reese’s Pieces, Nutella, etc. 

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Canada is renowned for its unique, stunning, and exhilarating spots for tourists, and among these places are: • British Columbia • Niagara Falls • Banff National Park • Wolf Lake • Wreck Beach • Cypress Hills • Ottawa • Montreal En Lumiere • Batoche National Historic Site To truly cherish the most remarkable Canada luxury holidays experience, these sites are a must-visit for tourists.
To fully embrace the incredible Canada luxury holidays experience, some of the ideal places for outdoor activities include Canadian canoeing, bungee jumping, edge walking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. There are also numerous places for strolling and trekking for families to explore, and relish the most splendid Canada family holidays experience.
Toronto is the most visited city in Canada where they can explore major attractions and savor the most unforgettable Canada luxury holidays experience. These places include:
  • Riley’s Aquarium
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Niagara Falls
  • CN Tower
  • City Hall
  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Alexandra Theater
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • Art Gallery
  • Toronto Islands
  • Eaton Center
Some of the most amazing restaurants in Toronto are the following: • Lakeview Restaurant • Avelo Restaurant • Richmond Station • Pinky’s Ka Phe • Canoe Restaurant and Bar • Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen • Gusto 101 • Grey Gardens • Oji Seichi • Alo Restaurant These restaurants provide the most delectable cuisines to savor and embrace the Canada luxury holidays experience.
Though multiple places in Canada are often considered equally stunning, the top three most astounding places to visit in Canada are the Island ecospheres in Nova Scotia, the jagged coastline of Tofino, and Vancouver's scenic bays. Though, there are other splendid places as well, for tourists to visit to enjoy the unique and memorable Canada luxury holidays experience.
The best province to visit in Canada for spectacular mountain panoramas are British Columbia and Alberta, while the Maritimes are recognized for their splendid ocean vistas and unique culture. Visitors can visit these stunning places and relish the most remarkable Canada luxury holidays experience while staying at the best luxury 5-star hotels and resorts in Canada.
Canada is not cheap to visit compared to other countries and destinations. However, for US visitors it can be a bit of a bargain particularly outside of the metropolises.
Canada is famous for the captivating marvels of nature such as wildlife parks, stunning mountain landscapes, and the stirring colorful view of the Northern Lights. For adventure seekers, there are numerous intriguing outdoor activities to do, such as skiing, canoeing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, and edge walking. Visitors can relish the best of both and embrace the unique Canada luxury holidays experience.
The ideal time to visit and cherish the unforgettable Canada luxury holidays experience is considered from May to September. The weather during this period is terrific for exploring the city and relishing several outdoor activities like birding, skating, and much more.
There are numerous stunning places to visit and enthralling spots to do outdoor activities in Canada. To fully embrace the Canada luxury holidays experience by exploring all these places and trying all adventure activities, one requires at least a two weeks tour.
Canada has the best 5-star hotels and resorts in different localities where the prestige tourists can replenish and relish the most remarkable Canada luxury holidays experience. Some of the top resorts and hotels include: • Fairmont Pacific Rim • Fairmont Banff Springs • Long Beach Lodge Resort • Rimrock Resort Hotel • Fairmont Chateau Whistler The above-mentioned hotels and resorts provide top-class facilities to its prestigious guests who can relax there and lap up the remarkable Canada luxury holidays experience.
For tourists especially those who are planning Niagara Falls luxury holidays, there are the best 5-star hotels and resorts. Among the top of them are: • Hilton Niagara Falls • Sterling Inn & Spa • Niagara Falls Marriott • Fallsview Hotel & Spa • Serene Niagara Inn • Susan's Villa • Cannery Lofts Niagara • Embassy Suites by Hilton All of the mentioned hotels and resorts provide the most astounding views of the world-famous marvel of nature where tourists can relish the Canada luxury holidays experience.
Vancouver Islands has some of the best hotels and resorts for its prestigious tourists. These include: • Wickaninnish Inn • Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge • Sonora Resort • Reef Point Oceanfront B&B • Oak Bay Beach Hotel • Long Beach Lodge Resort • Fairmont Empress • Villa Eyrie Resort The mentioned hotels and resorts provide world-class amenities where tourists can cherish the Canada luxury holidays experience.
Toronto provides some of the best hotels to the honored visitors. Some of them are: • Fairmont Royal York • Four Seasons Hotel Toronto • Shangri-La Hotel Toronto • Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown • The Hazelton Hotel • Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel • The St. Regis Toronto Tourists can reside in the aforementioned luxury hotels in Toronto and relish the unique and memorable Canada luxury holidays experience.
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