Relish Impressive Endeavors with Luxury Iceland Holidays

Escape the drab and bask in the captivating travel experience to the land of glaciers, ice fields, soaring highlands, and stunning views, while savoring the premium services at 5-star luxury resorts. Reserve the suitable travel packages and undertake an impressive voyage to wallow in the luxury Iceland holidays experience.  
Virikson Holidays extend you the most remarkable Iceland vacation packages to ensure a journey crammed with diverse experiences. Tourists can soak up the unique experiences while relishing the amenities of 5-star luxury hotels and resorts with Iceland luxury holidays packages, ideal for family vacations, exploration, and adventure.  Let us assist you in crafting an unforgettable travel experience, guiding you toward exhilaration, self-discovery, and everlasting bliss on your journey of a lifetime.

Remarkable Iceland Holiday Packages

Uncover the multitude of Iceland luxury holiday packages warily modeled to enhance your travel experience.


Highlights of Luxury Tours in Iceland

Discern the key fundamentals and insights for optimum luxury holidays experience in Iceland. 

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Uncovering the Sensations of Iceland

With soaring mountain peaks and ice fields, a shoreline marked by cavernous inlets and molded by sweeping glaciers, Iceland ranks among the top destinations. The country has several stunning sights and adventures to offer while providing tourists with luxury facilities at 5-star hotels and resorts.   
Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Greenland Sea, Iceland is a small island state bounded by water and covered with 11 percent of glacial ice. The Island is a plateau with highlands and ice fields. The capital of the country is Reykjavik.   
Plan luxury Iceland holidays and relish the unique experience in the land of untamed nature. Avail of Iceland family vacation packages and explore the wild beauty of Iceland with children while rejuvenating in the luxury 5-star hotels and resorts in Iceland. With Reykjavik holiday packages, tourists can visit the most sought out destination present in the capital city and nearby as well. Bask in the hot springs, savor the traditional cuisines, explore extensive glaciers and ice caves, and observe northern lights, stunning waterfalls, marine life, erupting volcanoes, soaring mountain peaks, and whatnot. One can observe the rich heritage of the country in all of the beautiful places, delicious cuisines and adventure experiences the country has to offer. 

1.	Unwind In the Blue Lagoon Spas Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

1. Unwind In the Blue Lagoon Spas

Owing to its unique experience, stunning ambiance and tranquil atmosphere, the Blue Lagoon is easily the top Icelandic attraction for tourists, providing a remarkable luxury Iceland holidays experience.
Comprising a myriad of minerals with high silica content, the milky-blue water is expedient to skin health. While bathing in the artificial geothermic sanatorium, one can also apply silica mud, known for its healing properties. Each invitee is provided a robe while a face mask booth gives out creams to apply. There are multiple pool bars, artificial grottos and bridges for refreshment and exploration purposes as well. 

2.	Observe the Northern Lights Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

2. Observe the Northern Lights

Also recognized as the aurora borealis, the implausible natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights is a sight not to be missed, providing visitors with the extraordinary luxury Iceland holidays experience. 
Twirling in ribbon-like curls of green, purple, red and gold, the natural light display can only be observed in winter.  Other required conditions include no light pollution and flaring activity in the magnetosphere.  Tourists can reserve a tour to Reykjavik or rent a car and drive to remote rural vicinities free of light-pollution, as these areas will have better visibility than the urban ones. 

3.	Relish the Glacier Hiking & Ice Caving Experience Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

3. Relish the Glacier Hiking & Ice Caving Experience

Take your adventure trip to the next level in the land of frozen landscapes, floating icebergs, and stunning sapphire ice caverns. Enjoy hiking over extensive glaciers approachable to thrill-seekers year-round, with luxury Iceland holiday packages.
Visitors can wallow in the ultimate icy experience by entering one of the country’s dazzling blue ice caves accessible only in the winter months. Adrenaline chasers can observe the mighty caves from the inside while hiking over the ice caps, and relish the ultimate Iceland vacations experience. 

4.	Visit the Dramatic Black Sand Beach Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

4. Visit the Dramatic Black Sand Beach

Witness the most remarkable Iceland black sand beaches and relish the unique luxury Iceland holidays experience. Formed over thousands of years due to Icelandic volcanoes, observing the dramatic appearance of the black sand beach is among the best things to do in Iceland. 
Reynisfjara and Vik are the two top black sand beaches with their uniqueness. Situated in South Iceland, Reynisfjara Beach is the most popular and was utilized in the Star Wars Rogue One, as a film set. Those who desire quietness and peace can visit Vik Beach which is also located in South Iceland, and relish the Iceland vacations experience.  

5.	Lap Up in The Myvatn Nature Baths Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

5. Lap Up in The Myvatn Nature Baths

If you want to enjoy tranquility in quietness, Myvatn thermal baths are the ideal option. Located in North Iceland, the baths complex is sited right next to the Myvatn Lake, so both can be visited conveniently. 
The thermal energy supply to the bath is natural. The lagoon was crafted over natural hot springs, so one can relish the benefits of naturally heated alkaline water, full of minerals, year-round. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the soul-refreshing experience in the Myvatn Nature Baths and cherish the unforgettable luxury Iceland holidays experience. 

6.	Enjoy Whale-Watching Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

6. Enjoy Whale-Watching

Observe the stunning marine life in Iceland and relish the incredible luxury Iceland holidays experience. With over twenty kinds of whales, porpoises and dolphins, the country offers some of the best views of beautiful marine animals plunging around in the water. One can also observe exquisite birds flying around in the air such as guillemots, terns, colorful puffins and skuas. 
Husavik is recognized as the 'whale-watching capital of Europe' as plenty of animal traffic passes through its inlets. Tours can be arranged both on a large vessel or a small motorboat. Bigger boats have incredible whale-tracking technology that’s quite useful for whale-hunting. Powerboats generate less noise, useful in getting closer to the animals. 

7.	Experience Horseback Riding in the Untamed Nature Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

7. Experience Horseback Riding in the Untamed Nature

Enjoy a memorable ride over the pony-sized horses and bask in the exceptional luxury Iceland holidays experience. Instead of a car or a bus, hop over the country’s renowned four-legged resident and experience Icelandic nature like nothing before. 
Observing the untamed Iceland surroundings while riding the isolated breed, known for its short legs, tiny stature and muscular physique, is the ancient way of observing Iceland. Reserve horseback riding tours with certified instructors and embrace the full potential of Iceland family vacation packages. 

8.	Enjoy Hiking Over the Famous Vatnajokull Glacier Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

8. Enjoy Hiking Over the Famous Vatnajokull Glacier

For experienced hikers, Iceland has the largest glacier located in Vatnajokull National Park. Embrace the full potential of Iceland holiday packages by hiking over the sweeping glacier covering the astonishing 8% of Iceland’s land mass. 
The stunning Vatnajokull glacier is a difficult terrain to navigate and requires exceptional hiking skills. For both experienced and ordinary hikers, local agencies provide the best equipment and expert guides for hiking. The equipment includes a helmet, an ice axe and crampons. Dressing up in warm clothes is necessary.  For adrenaline seekers, hiking over this gorgeous glacial terrain should be on the list of best things to do in Iceland.

9.	Observe the Erupting Volcanoes Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

9. Observe the Erupting Volcanoes

In the ‘land of fire and ice’, it is important for enthusiastic surveyors to experience the fiery side of the country as well. Due to perpetual geothermal activity, the country generally has a bursting volcano or two which is a sight to be observed to cherish the extraordinary luxury Iceland holidays experience.
Visit some of the best volcanic sites including Eyjafjallajokull, Hekla, Katla and Fagradalsfjall, and experience the remarkable luxury tours in Iceland. Subscribe to eruption alerts to know about the possible volcanic activity time and visit the active volcano site with a qualified guide. 

10.	Enjoy Various Attraction on the Golden Circle Things to Do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

10. Enjoy Various Attraction on the Golden Circle

Get the ultimate Iceland experience by voyaging to the most sought route. Encompassing three major attractions, the Golden Circle provides the optimum luxury Iceland holidays experience. Visitors can book a tour or drive themselves and relish the major attractions en-route. 
The historic Thingvellir National Park, the grand Gullfoss waterfall, and the highly active Geysir Geothermal Area are the best things to see near Reykjavik. View the stunning beauty of the mighty Gullfoss waterfall, the renowned geothermal hot springs especially Strokkur, and the historically significant Park. Relish the ultimate snorkeling experience at the Silfra Fissure situated in the Thingvellir National Park. 

Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Enjoy Savory Icelandic Cuisines 

1.	Kjötsupa
1. Kjötsupa

Kjötsupa is a traditional Icelandic Lamb soup consumed particularly during the harsh and cold winter. It is made with vegetables like onions, potatoes, swedes, carrots, and herbs. 

2.	Skyr
2. Skyr

Skyr is a traditional soft cheese, akin to Greek yogurt and is extensively consumed in local breakfasts. It is also added to milk, fruit, berries, ice cream, and smoothies. 

3.	Ice cream
3. Ice cream

Iceland is famous for flavorful ice creams served with an assortment of sauces and toppings. The most popular varieties include Hafís’ dairy-free, Turkish Vegan Pepper and Italian ice creams.

4.	Plokkfiskur
4. Plokkfiskur

Plokkfiskur is a luscious fish stew assorted with white fish, onions, potatoes, milk, flour, and seasoning. Other recipes also include bearnaise sauce, curry, chives, or cheese.

5.	Hangikjöt
5. Hangikjöt

Hangikjöt is a scrumptious smoked lamb braised and served in white sauce with vegetables, and the traditional Iceland bread, laufabraud. It is also served raw as a starter.  

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For tourists visiting the Blue Lagoon, there are luxury hotels and resorts, available nearby where they can rejuvenate and cherish the luxury Iceland holidays. These include: • The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland • Blue Lagoon Hotels • Silica Hotel • The Reykjavik Edition Hotel • Northern Light Inn & Max's Restaurant • Courtyard by Marriott Hotel • The Diamond Suites The aforementioned list includes the nearby luxury hotels and resorts providing world-class amenities to respected guests.
Yes, English is a commonly spoken language in Iceland. Though the official language is Icelandic, English is spoken by about 98% of the local population.
Yes, it is. Iceland ranks among the most expensive countries in the world, right there with Sweden and Australia.
Though it depends on your desired schedule, the ideal time to visit Iceland is between June and August to enjoy summer activities, or between September and March to observe the Northern Lights. Generally, the best time to visit is during the summer.
The average temperature in summer is around 13 degrees Celsius while the average temperature reaches up to 26 degrees Celsius in Iceland.
Yes, one can expect the possibility of snow in Iceland all year round. However, December and January are considered the peak months for snowfall.
The ideal time to observe the Northern Lights is during the winter season i.e., between September and April because the nights get long and dark during this season.
Iceland has some of the best luxury hotels and resorts for its prestigious tourists where they can rejuvenate and cherish the luxury Iceland holidays. These include: • Reykjavik Lights by Keahotels • Reykjavik Residence Hotel • Aurora Hotel • Northern Light Inn • Storm Hotel by Keahotels • Exeter Hotel • Midgardur by Center Hotels • Fosshotel Reykjavik
For tourists especially those who are planning a luxury Iceland Northern Lights tour, there are the best 5-star hotels and resorts. Among the top of them are: • Magma Hotel • Grand Hotel Reykjavik • Hotel Rangá • Fosshótel Mývatn • Hofsstaðir Country Hotel • Hotel Húsafell • Villa Lola Tourists can reside in the aforementioned best hotels and relish the unique and memorable luxury Iceland holidays experience.
For tourists especially those who are utilizing the Reykjavik holiday packages, there are the best luxury hotels and resorts. These include: • Tower Suites Reykjavik • Reykjavik Residence Hotel • Reykjavik Lights by Keahotels • Storm Hotel by Keahotels • Exeter Hotel • Midgardur by Center Hotels • Kvosin Downtown Hotel • Center Hotels Laugavegur • Hotel Borg by Keahotels All of the above-mentioned hotels and resorts provide world-class amenities to the esteemed guests where they can lap up the luxury Iceland holidays experience.
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