Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Times Travel Limited T/A Virikson Holidays situates at 13 Station Road, London, SE25 5AH, United Kingdom holds the terms of its customer’s data privacy. It is London-based incorporation with the big trading names in town. We acknowledge the laws and understand the personal privacy of our customers and cater to their traveling needs. The common questions on the customer’s end are, what information the agency needs and what they do with that information.

1. What do we need to collect by our customers?

We, at Virikson Holidays, commit to the privacy of our customers and gather their information because we on behalf of them pass their information and deal with their case to third parties. For example, the airlines, other travel service providers, and hotels, etc.
What we need to collect are very common things. For example, your personal contact details e.g. full name, phone number, email address, and passport number along with the date of birth.
Moreover, bank account number exchange between the customer and the agent is because of financial securities. That may include the Debit/ Credit Card number and the 3-digit pin from your card along with the title of an account.
If you have any disability to care about during your trip, you will have to inform us so the arrangements can be done accordingly, to facilitate you with the finest services.
Information like your email and personal contact number is collected to keep you informed about the updates regarding your Flights Schedules, trip details, etc. But if you receive the promotional material, you could have agreed to send you the promotional messages. You have the option to unsubscribe the email and block the number to text you.
Call center services at Virikson Holidays have the call recording rights to maintain the call quality. We use those recordings for the experiments, improvement of quality, and training.
You may join us on social media platforms if interested. We appear on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter mostly.
Your IP address and cookies might be captured to enhance our online website services.

2. How will we collect the information?

We collect your data by various means when you contact us anyway. The sources of gathering your information are very simple.
When you come to visit our website for getting information, email us to enquire and call us for further help.
When you especially subscribe to receive the updates, news and information about the latest deals and packages regarding our products, you will receive it through email or newsletters.
We somehow collect your data from the third party, for example, if you are already dealing with some travel arranger or the other travel service provider. In such cases, we majorly rely on the consent of a person applying on your behalf.

3. What law allows us to do so?

•    Contractual

Once you decided to proceed with your visa and ticket process with you, in order to process and complete your paperwork for traveling, we must need your complete information.
What do we, as a travel agent collect from you by a contract is, your name, Identity card number, passport number, accurate address, and contact number.

•    Legitimate interest

The main reason for taking your data is to confirm your travel processes including to keep you updated about your journey and the services you can avail, etc.
Direct Marketing communication allows us to get to the consumer’s choices and then send them the promotional material and offers via email, call or the SMS alert.
You hold a right to tell us in writing that you don’t need to know and receive such content from us.

•    Your consent

We may ask you in person or you may have an option of opting for the email, newsletter receiving the related query. You accept or disregard the option to choose or reject us to use your information for marketing purposes.

•    With whom your personal information will be shared?

Your information may be shared with the following authorizers: Travel service providers, Hotels, tour operators, airlines, car rental, cruise lines, activity providers who are obliged to fulfill your travel bookings. Third-parties which are linked with us on various basis.

•    We respect the applicable laws, observe our legal responsibilities:

Times Travel Limited T/A Virikson Holidays is an international organization having its business operations outside European Economic Area EEA. Important to know here that your given personal information about traveling purposes can be shared with the relevant offices in overseas just to complete your travel requirements. The offices may include the service providers related to traveling, Hotels and other travel facilitators. We do it lawfully and by keeping in view all the norms.

•    For how long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal information is kept by Virikson Holidays as necessary. All the records are kept in line with legal and regulatory requirements.
Your Rights

The following are your rights regarding the personal information you provide to your travel agent.
You will confirm that a certain person, agent or the company is processing your data for a certain purpose. This is also a process. You have a right to access the personal data and amend it if find inaccurate or incomplete. You may also direct the other parties to delete your personal data if you see no need of keeping it so.
If you want your data been removed from our site, you will have to contact us on https://www.viriksonholidays.co.uk/privacy-policy/.
In case of dissatisfaction from our data processing activities, you have a complete right to object to the Information commissioner’s Office (ICO) https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.
Important to know: If you visit our website or the mobile application of Virikson Holidays, our servers will find your data like IP addresses and other traces about your device and location. This information which we gather is only for the analysis purpose which we use for the geographical interests.
The website of Virikson Holidays uses cookies to provide users a better and more friendly browsing experience. Every online business has the opportunity to use Google Analytics to analyze the presence of the user on the website, we also use this for the user’s analysis. That gives us a better idea of the interests of our online clients based on the number of clicks.
We believe in improving so any type of Modification on the website is possible anytime. Changes in the privacy policy also include, we can edit the document anytime in the future when we find it necessary.
If you are using the website and our application from outside the territory of the UK, note that the security laws of the UK will not be applicable in this case. But we still pledge our customers from wherever they belong, to keep the security of their personal data as a responsible and lawful member of the society. We equally respect the personal information of the customers we get.
If you have any queries about the privacy policy, feel free to reach us at info@viriksonholidays.co.uk. For general inquiries and travel bookings, we are at enquiry@viriksonholidays.co.uk.
You can reach us via telephone at:
For callers within the UK: (0203 745 5788) and for callers from outside the UK: (+44 203 745 5788)
Your suggestions, feedback is welcomed at enquiry@viriksonholidays.co.uk.
We are located at 38 Riding House Street London W1W 7E