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Looking for an extraordinary escape from the boredom of daily existence? Why not embark on an exceptional adventure to the Spice Island and bask in the amazing Grenada luxury holidays experience? Avail of our remarkable Grenada vacation packages cautiously designed to take care of your holiday requirements.
Virikson Holidays offers exclusive Grenada family holiday packages for fervent travelers to conveniently roam across the island country and witness its abundant fascinations. Relish the finest amenities of the Spice Island luxury 5-star hotels and beach resorts, enjoy several water sports, soak up the sunlight on sandy beaches, explore numerous parks, and much more with our luxury Grenada holiday packages.    

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Peek Into the Wonders of Grenada

Grenada is an island nation comprising the main island of Grenada and eight smaller satellite islands. Also recognized as the "Spice Island", the area of Grenada is 344 km² with a population of 107,000 residents according to the 2015 census. Grenada's capital and largest city is St. George's. 
Tourists can explore the various attractions of the island country by availing of the remarkable Grenda luxury holiday packages all-inclusive. Visitors can revitalize on numerous sandy beaches with their families to bask in the ultimate Grenada luxury family holiday travels. They can enjoy several water sports and savor delectable cuisines in numerous restaurants while wallowing in the premium facilities of luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. 
Select from our large assortment of the resplendent Grenada vacation packages 2023 and gear up for a well-rounded adventure journey. Revitalize at numerous spellbinding white sandy beaches with pristine waters. Explore the untamed nature by exploring several parks, shop to your heart’s content from vibrant marketplaces, and rejuvenate at the luxury beach resorts to revel in the impressive Grenada holidays experience.  

1.	Revitalize At the Stunning Magazine Beach Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

1. Revitalize At the Stunning Magazine Beach

Situated in St. George’s, Magazine Beach is a stunning attraction and one of the top places to visit to cherish the luxury holidays in Grenada. The beach has a lot to offer to the tourists with lush trees, rocky landscapes, and pristine sapphire waters to level up your serene holidays experience in Grenada. 
Visitors can swim in the azure waters and relish an array of water sports in the spectacular beach also known as the Aquarium Beach and Rex Beach. Avail of Grenada family holiday packages and relish unforgettable moments with your loved ones while soaking up the sunlight on the sandy beach, and enjoying picnicking.  

2.	Relish the Ultimate Grenada Diving Experience Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

2. Relish the Ultimate Grenada Diving Experience

Tourists can bask in the adventurous luxury holidays in Grenada by reveling in the ultimate diving experience in over thirty places. All of the diving sites offer spectacular scenery and can be found off the coasts of Grenada Island, Petit Martinique, and Carriacou.  
Visit the Bianca C Ship Wreck that sank in 1961 and earned its title as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ due to its enormous size. Flamingo Bay's gaudy coral and ample aquatic life make it an ideal spot for a colorful dive. The amazing Underwater Sculpture Park is another top attraction to visit in Grenada. Situated in Moliniere Bay in St. George's, the subaquatic art installation exhibits Grenadian legends and culture. Visit the famous "Ring of Children" for an exceptional underwater experience. 

3.	Explore The Captivations of The Carenage Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

3. Explore The Captivations of The Carenage

Explore this horseshoe-shaped Grenada attraction to lap up the outstanding luxury holidays in Grenada. Situated at the center of St. George's, Carenage is a vibrant hub and an interesting place to ramble along the waterfront, explore around, and revel in the spellbinding ambiance. 
Observe goods being unloaded from container ships, fishermen catching fish from colorful wooden boats, and the inhabitants wrangling for the freshly caught fish. Enjoy shopping while roving across the shops, and savor delicious seafood and snacks at numerous restaurants to revel in the incredible Grenada holiday travel experience. 

4.	Reconnoiter The Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

4. Reconnoiter The Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

Witness the booming wildlife in the verdant Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve and level up your luxury holidays in Grenada. Teeming with exotic wildlife, the park houses several wild animals including mockingbirds, armadillos, and mona monkeys.
Tourists can enjoy memorable vacations by visiting other nearby popular sites like the stunning Grand Etang Lake and Mount Qua Qua. There are several hiking trails for tourists to trek while basking in the aroma of fresh spices. One of the famous trails leads to Seven Sister Falls situated around 1.25 miles North of the Grand Etang Visitors Center. If you want to visit maximum attractions situated around a single locality, then the Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve is a must-visit. 

5.	Rejuvenate At the Morne Rouge Beach Grenada Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

5. Rejuvenate At the Morne Rouge Beach Grenada

Travel around and invigorate at the stunning Morne Rouge Beach situated at the edge of the island in the small Morne Rogue town. Avail of cheap holidays to Grenada and soak up the serenity while revitalizing at the white sandy beach and aquamarine water.
Also renowned as BBC Beach, the amazing Grenada attraction is protected by a Quarantine Point and provides ample space for visitors to conveniently embrace the full potential of extraordinary Grenada vacations. Revitalize on the beach, soak up the Vitamin D, savor authentic food, and enjoy shopping in several nearby restaurants and shops. 

6.	Behold The Beauty of Royal Mount Carmel Falls Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

6. Behold The Beauty of Royal Mount Carmel Falls

Witness the beauty of the highest waterfall on the island and create memorable moments with your loved ones to relish for years to come. Plummeting 70 feet into the water, the waterfall comprises a mesmerizing lush surrounding to behold and pristine water to dive in and swim.  
Enjoy the summer holidays in Grenada by cooling off in the pristine and cold water of the falls. Witness the marvelous beach view situated nearby, and explore numerous historical churches and other tourist spots to bask in the cheap Grenada holidays experience.

7.	Visit Belmont Estate & The Grenada Chocolate Company Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

7. Visit Belmont Estate & The Grenada Chocolate Company

Spice up your Grenada luxury holiday tour by visiting the Belmont estate which is a famous 300-year-old plantation that specializes in spices such as turmeric, pimento nutmeg, and ginger. Witness the processing of these flavorful spices and savor authentic food at the Belmont Estate restaurant. The 400-acre property also holds an astounding history of chattel slavery up until 1834. 
Another attraction to explore is the Grenada Chocolate Company located on the Northeastern side of Grenada Island, roughly an hour's drive from St. George's. Tourists can take a factory tour and observe cocoa processing and tossing out organic chocolate bars that are traded worldwide. Reserve a group tour to reach the location as it is often hard to find for first-time visitors. 

8.	Witness the Majestic Concord Falls Grenada Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

8. Witness the Majestic Concord Falls Grenada

If you want to enjoy the ultimate trekking experience and finish with a cool plunge in some of the most impressive waterfalls, then the Concord Falls is a must-visit Grenada attraction for you. Located along the Concord River in Grenada, the lowest one among these lofty falls is 100 feet high.
Visitors can observe the mesmerizing views of the waterfalls from Concord Mountain Road which is situated nearly 1.5 miles inland from Concord Village. To reach the falls, there is a 45-minute hike which is among the top things to do in Grenada. The falls are sited on private property so the tourists can enjoy hiking and the breathtaking views of the falls after giving a small fee to tour around the area. 

9.	Roam Around & Explore Sandy Island Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

9. Roam Around & Explore Sandy Island

Invigorate on the spectacular beaches of Sandy Island and relish the unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Situated in Carriacou, the island comprises stunning sandy beaches and azure waters for visitors to rejuvenate and enjoy water sports. 
Tourists can revel in the unforgettable family holiday in Grenada by enjoying several water sports including snorkeling and swimming in the pristine waters. Soak up the sunlight or enjoy picnicking with your family and friends, the place is perfect for both family and couple holidays.    

10.	Shop To Your Heart’s Content at Grenada's Market Square Things to Do in Grenada

Things to do in Grenada

10. Shop To Your Heart’s Content at Grenada's Market Square

Bask in the ultimate shopping experience in Grenada by visiting and exploring the incredible Market Square. Situated in the nucleus of St. George’s, the marketplace vends a variety of things interesting enough for visitors to be attracted to this one-of-a-kind Grenada attraction. 
Exploring the market, tourists can come across flavorful spices, souvenirs, and handmade crafts. One can easily smell the alluring aroma of spices and therefore, be often recalled by most visitors as the best-smelling market. The weekends— especially Saturdays— are the ideal times to visit the marketplace.

Top Places to Visit in Grenada

Savor Traditional Cuisines

1.	Oildown
1. Oildown

This national dish is made by cooking a one-pot stew crammed with chicken, fish, or salted meat breadfruit, plantain, coconut, and spices.

2.	Pelau
2. Pelau

Pelau is a popular one-pot meal made by caramelizing brown sugar and adding rice, chicken, coconut milk, peas, and carrots. 

3.	Crab Back
3. Crab Back

This breakfast dish is prepared with fresh land crabs that are sautéed, and mixed with onions, garlic, breadcrumbs, and sweet peppers, and stuffed back into the cleaned crab shells and served.  

4.	Fried Bake & Saltfish
4. Fried Bake & Saltfish

This fried, bread-like food item is stuffed with jam, meat, fish, or cheese. Some restaurants add ingredients to make their bakes a bit spicier.

5.	Lambie Souse
5. Lambie Souse

This delectable dish is made by soaking it and slowly cooking it with a blend of lime juice, garlic onion, and hot pepper to make a soupy, seafood meal that’s also an excellent source of protein.

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Residents of most countries can stay in Grenada for a maximum of 90 Days duration without a visa.
English is the official language of the country but the major spoken language is either of the two Creole languages: Grenadian Creole English and, less frequently, 'patois', or Grenadian Creole French which reflects the European, African, and local nation’s heritage.
It is recommended to be cautious at all times. Don't carry loads of cash or jewelry. Take care while walking alone on the busy main roads and avoid secluded zones including beaches, especially after dark. Use only registered taxis and take special care at late-night street parties, particularly during the festival season.
For valued tourists especially those who are utilizing Grenada travel packages, there are several places to stay including luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. These include: • Royalton Grenada, an Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort • Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club • Coyaba Beach Resort • Sandals Grenada • Radisson Grenada Beach Resort • Lance Aux Epines Cottages All of the aforementioned beach resorts offer first-class facilities to the guests where they can relish the best luxury holidays in Grenada.
Grenada is an island with numerous stunning beaches, verdant botanical gardens, enchanting rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, and friendly people at every curve. This makes Grenada an ideal place for family and couple vacations and even solo explorers. However, it is mainly known widely as the Caribbean Spice Island, due to the abundance of spices found there.
This interesting Caribbean country has so much to offer that you require a minimum of 2 or 3 days to explore the main island and other smaller islands. Those who are staying for at least 4 days in Grenada, can explore the country at their own pace. Many come to Grenada for a week.
The official currency of Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, although several bigger and more tourist-driven establishments can accept US dollars as well.
The average temperature stays about 28C year-round, with seaside winds to cool things down. The island receives rainfall from June to December and from January to May.
The Calabash is a time-honored luxury hotel run by a family and located on the South coast of Grenada. Facing the serene Lance aux Épines Beach, the hotel provides premium accommodation, food services, and other world-class amenities. The famous Grand Anse is about five minutes drive away from this resort.
For ardent explorers utilizing Grenada travel packages, there are numerous luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. These include: • Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina • Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas • Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel • Coyaba Beach Resort • Radisson Grenada Beach Resort • Spice Island Beach Resort All-Inclusive All of the aforementioned hotels and resorts provide world-class facilities to the venerated guests where they can enjoy convenience and relish memorable luxury holidays in Grenada.
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