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Seek an extraordinary escapade from the daily life routine, embark on an exceptional journey to the mesmerizing island, and create wonderful memories of the incredible Antigua luxury holidays. Seize the opportunity with Virikson Holidays’ Antigua holiday packages and let us take care of the rest. 
By availing of all-inclusive Antigua packages with airfare, esteemed tourists can conveniently travel to the incredible island country while enjoying the finest air transport facilities. Tourists can choose from our exclusive Antigua flight and hotel packages and conveniently roam around exploring the varied captivations of the Antigua while basking in the finest facilities of premium 5-star hotels and resorts.

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Explore Antigua’s Fascinating Wonders

Located East-Southeast of Puerto Rico and around 100 km North of Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda is a dual-island nation in the West Indies and is part of the Leeward Islands. Comprising an area of 442 km², the island nation has a population of 89,000 inhabitants according to the 2016 census. The capital and largest city is St. John's in Antigua. 
Holidaymakers are encouraged to explore the myriad attractions of the island country by opting for marvelous travel packages to Antigua. There is no shortage of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters for vacationers to revitalize and enjoy enthralling water sports. Exploring enthusiasts can reconnoiter the mesmerizing aquatic life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of Antigua all-inclusive holidays. 
Handpick from our extensive array of brilliant Antigua tour packages and prime for an exhaustive adventure journey. Explore several verdant national parks, hike rough trails set amidst the untamed nature, savor traditional island cuisines in top-notch restaurants, and indulge in shopping from several marketplaces and malls to fully realize the true potential of our cautiously crafted best luxury Antigua packages.  

1.	Rejuvenate At the Stunning Dickenson Bay Beach Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

1. Rejuvenate At the Stunning Dickenson Bay Beach

Bask in the serenity while rejuvenating in the peaceful ambiance of Dickenson Bay Beach and make your dream Antigua luxury holidays worthwhile. The white sands and sapphire waters allure tourists to visit this spot and enjoy several water and beach sports, to make their Antigua family holidays memorable. 
Situated close to the town of St. John’s, this stunning Caribbean beach provides year-round sunshine and is easily accessible from several city’s attractions which makes it a recurrently visited place. Relish the ultimate swimming, snorkeling, and windsurfing experience and explore the spellbinding marine life. Take a boat trip and behold the natural beauty of the place, savor delectable cuisines from nearby restaurants, and shop from several marketplaces and malls located close to the beach. 

2.	Enjoy an Enthralling Swim with Stingrays in Stingray City Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

2. Enjoy an Enthralling Swim with Stingrays in Stingray City

Face your fears and take your adventure Antigua luxury holidays to the next level by swimming close to the stingrays in the famous Stingray City. Take a five-minute speedboat ride off the island’s East coast and reach Stingray City which is a shallow pool, for the ultimate Antigua vacation experience. 
Plunge into the pool with a sandy undersurface amidst a tropical ridge. Swim amid numerous friendly Southern stingrays slithering through the pristine waters waiting to be fed by trippers. The trip to Stingray City is one of the most popular things to do in Antigua. Tourists can choose to stand and observe, or snorkel and swim with the stingrays while also exploring the surrounding coral reefs. 

3.	Discover the Captivations of Devil’s Bridge Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

3. Discover the Captivations of Devil’s Bridge

Witness this stunning marvel of nature and immerse in the remarkable Antigua luxury holidays experience. Located on the Eastern coast of Antigua Island and 13 miles East of St. John’s, Devil’s Bridge is a narrow strip of natural rock formation known for its picturesque beauty. 
Behold the most amazing scenes of crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean that gust through surrounding arcs of the rock and embrace the full potential of Antigua travel packages. Scramble along the rough coastal topography, spot crabs and other aquatic faunae. Observe the golden sunshine on this beautiful artistry of nature at sunrise and the soothing effect of the dimming shades of the sky at sunset. Remember to wear suitable hiking shoes to climb the jagged terrain.  

4.	Discover the Fascinations of Galley Bay Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

4. Discover the Fascinations of Galley Bay

If you’re looking for a remarkable beach experience alongside relishing other adventurous activities, then Galley Bay is your place to go. Overlooked by an incredible spa resort, the picturesque Galley Bay provides the ultimate serene experience along with exciting things to do for adrenaline seekers. 
 Indulge in the relaxing spa treatments and relish the finest amenities of the luxury resort. Enjoy the stunning view of Caribbean waters calmly splattering the soft white sand of the nearby beach while relaxing under the Tahitian-style hut or on your private beach gallery. Enjoy peaceful walks with your loved ones on the 0.75-mile-long beach stretch with a tropical backdrop. Snorkel and explore the beautiful aquatic life. Hike the nearby trails with amazing vistas or play tennis, there is so much more to explore here.  

5.	Relax on the Enchanting Valley Church Beach Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

5. Relax on the Enchanting Valley Church Beach

Immerse in the tranquility of Antigua luxury holidays while revitalizing on one of the best beaches on the island. With azure waters crashing the shore of a sugar-white sandy beach and lofty palm trees providing shade, it's not difficult to guess why it’s one of the Island’s most stunning attractions. 
Located on the fringe of Jolly Port on the Southwest coast of Antigua, the place offers several beachside restaurants where visitors can savor mouthwatering meals. The place is perfect for honeymoon and couple holidays due to the availability of peaceful off-time for love birds to spend and create lifetime memories together. Both families and couples can relish the cruise ship tour to make their Antigua luxury vacations worthwhile.

6.	Revisit History At Fort Barrington Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

6. Revisit History At Fort Barrington

Tour the historical fort formerly known as Goat Hill Fort and learn about the country’s history. Named after Admiral Barrington who defended it in 1779 against French armies and garrisoned St. John’s during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this is a must-visit site to glory in the epic Antigua luxury holidays experience. 
Located at the Southwestern end of St. John’s Harbor, the fort also operated as a signal station to alarm forces all over the island regarding imminent attacks. By 1843, the fort was known as Queen’s Batter, which was then renamed Goat Hill Fort and then changed to its current name. Tourists can explore the only fort in Antigua that encountered military action and revel in the island’s glorious history.  

7.	Explore the Allures of Nelson’s Dockyard Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

7. Explore the Allures of Nelson’s Dockyard

Explore the extraordinary Nelson’s Dockyard and make your Antigua luxury holidays memorable. Home to an acclaimed naval leader Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Nelson’s Dockyard is a 300-year-old harbor that exhibits Antigua’s colonial years and British maritime heritage.
Tourists can wander around the world’s oldest functioning Georgian harbor and the UNESCO-protected Nelson’s Dockyard National Park both comprising several museums, lookouts, galleries, reinstated buildings, forts, and cafés for tourists to explore. Check out model ships, navigation tools, cannons and other artifacts in the Dockyard Museum. Reserve a cruise tour in one of the ships at the beachfront that have replaced the old warships. Enjoy drinks in the nearby pub and reside in a hotel with rooms termed after Nelson’s Ships. 

8.	Revitalize At the Amazing Darkwood Beach Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

8. Revitalize At the Amazing Darkwood Beach

Enjoy your Antigua luxury holidays by relaxing at one of the largest beaches in the Southwest end of the island. The seaward coral reef and soft sand make it one of the top places to visit for tourists and locals to revel in the remarkability of Antigua travel packages. 
Visitors can head to nearby restaurants to savor delicious food and refreshing beverages. There are umbrellas and sun recliners available for rent for visitors to immerse in the true Antigua beach experience. Kids can enjoy swimming with inflatables while couples can cherish together the more serene ambiance of the beach by arriving early in the morning.  

9.	Enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Yacht Sailing Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

9. Enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Yacht Sailing

Relish the ultimate scuba-diving, sailing, and snorkeling experience while exploring the rich marine life of the Caribbean Island. Enjoy the exceptional scuba-diving experience in The Pillars of Hercules in Nelson’s Dockyard National Park or Cades Reef Marine Reserve.
Enthusiastic explorers can observe octopuses, eagles rays and turtles in The Pillars of Hercules while Cades Reef Marine Reserve is an ideal place for pro divers exploring beautiful marine life. Numerous luxury resorts offer scuba-diving lessons in liaison with diving agencies. Yacht cruising and catamaran are among other top things to do while in Antigua.   

10.	Reconnoiter the Incredible Half Moon Bay Things to Do in Antigua

Things to do in Antigua

10. Reconnoiter the Incredible Half Moon Bay

Resembling a crescent moon, this stunning place comprises several beautiful sandy beaches with pristine blue waters. Visitors can rejuvenate in the 3,200 feet of soft, white sand stretching across 132 acres of oceanfront which makes it a go-to place for tourists to bask in the ultimate serenity. 
Based on the Southeastern edge of Antigua, the place boasts a verdant national park and several restaurants for tourists to savor the most appetizing cuisines. There are several water sports including swimming and snorkeling, and beach sports for adrenaline chasers to relish. Visitors can relax, soak up the sunlight, and cherish the most pleasurable moments with the nearest and dearest to wallow in the exceptional Antigua luxury holidays experience. 

Top Places to Visit in Antigua

Explore the top tourist attractions to make your Antigua luxury holidays highly rewarding.

Savor Traditional Cuisines

1.	Fungee & Pepperpot
1. Fungee & Pepperpot

The national dish is made with Fungee, which is made of cornmeal and okra while Pepperpot includes a blend of fish or meats and cassareep, a tacky liquid from bitter cassava roots. 

2.	Ducana
2. Ducana

This soft and appetizing dumpling is prepared with a mixture of grated coconut, sweet potato, flour, spices and sugar, wrapped between banana leaves before being boiled.

3.	Curried conch
3. Curried conch

This mouthwatering Antiguan dish features tender conch meat broiled in a flavorsome coconut curry sauce and served usually alongside warm roti or fluffy rice

4.	Saltfish & Chop Up
4. Saltfish & Chop Up

This popular breakfast dish is prepared by sweltering the fish to remove the salt, deboning and shedding it, then broiling it with tomatoes garlic, onions, and other veggies, and served alongside Chop up.

5.	Jerk Chicken
5. Jerk Chicken

This traditional cuisine is marinated and slow-broiled to perfection over a grill or fire to make the chicken tender and seasoned with Scotch bonnet pepper mix and allspice, making it flavorsome. 

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The ideal time to visit Antigua is during the peak holiday season, between December and April. May and June are also ideal months to visit before the rainy season in July through November.
The official language of Antigua is English while Antiguan Creole is widely spoken.
It is easy to explore Antigua as local buses, taxes and car hire services are readily available. The hotels and resorts will also arrange day trips and conveyance to different expanses of the island for you.
Antigua provides visa-free access to the residents of above 102 countries globally including the USA, Europe and Commonwealth nations. It is recommended to check with your travel agent to confirm your destination of origin on this listing.
Yes, you can drink tap water as it is treated and distributed by the government agency and is safe for drinking. However alternate portable drinking water is also available for purchase.
Antigua and Barbuda experience a tropical climate throughout the year. January to mid-April is relatively cool while mid-June to mid-November is the dry season i.e., humid, sunny, and hot.
For passionate explorers utilizing Antigua vacation packages all-inclusive, there are numerous luxury 5-star hotels to reside including: • Admiral's Inn and Gunpowder Suites • Northshore Seaside Suites • Siboney Beach Club • Jumby Bay Island • Weatherills Hotel • Hermitage Bay
Antigua has one of the best places to stay including the top luxury 5-star all-inclusive resorts for ardent travelers. These include: • Copper and Lumber Store Hotel • Keyonna Beach Resort Antigua • Hodges Bay Resort and Spa • Hammock Cove Resort & Spa • Blue Waters Resort and Spa • Galley Bay Resort & Spa
Tourists can buy beautiful Antiguan jewelry, stylish Caribbean clothing, souvenirs handcrafted gifts, and can also make other duty-free purchases in the following shopping centers: • English Harbor and Jolly Harbor Commercial Centre • Saint John’s Shopping area • The Heritage Quay Duty-Free Shopping area in Saint Johns The above-mentioned marketplaces are among the few shopping spots in the island country to relish the brilliant Antigua luxury holidays shopping experience.
Antigua has a vibrant nightlife with several cafes, bars, restaurants, casinos, and karaoke spots that are open late at night.
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