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Escape the daily grind and set forth on a lifetime expedition to the exquisite island nation savoring the ultimate Cape Verde Luxury Holidays experience. Virikson Holidays offer the most ideal Cape Verde vacation packages for an extraordinary roving experience with a comfortable sojourn at luxury 5-star hotels and resorts.
The all-inclusive Cape Verde holiday packages provide the finest accommodation and transportation amenities to esteemed clients. Tourists can behold the stunning views of the islands from above through zipline adventure, soak in the sun on the splendid golden sandy beaches and enjoy various water sports. Visitors can witness the untamed nature and wild animals, explore historic buildings and local culture, and rejuvenate on yacht trips while relishing finest amenities at luxury 5-star resorts.       

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Reconnoiter the Magnificent Archipelago of Cape Verde

Located off the Northwestern shoreline of Africa and around 600 km West of Senegal, Cape Verde is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean sited on an archipelago of volcanic derivation. Divided into two island clusters, the capital of Cape Verde is Praia and the official language is Portuguese.  
Comprising a total land area of 4,033 km², Cape Verde is a cluster of ten islands with spellbinding landscapes, tropical beaches, stunning sights, and untamed nature. The island country provides several adventure activities, sights to explore, summits to hike, and serene spots to rejuvenate. With cheap Cape Verde holiday packages, visitors can explore numerous island attractions and savor delectable cuisines while enjoying the luxuries of premium 5-star hotels and resorts.  
Avail of all-inclusive Cape Verde family luxury holiday packages and undertake a journey of a lifetime full of exploration, adventure, and rejuvenation. Travel around the islands while relishing a comfortable stay at luxury 5-star all-inclusive hotels and resorts. Enjoy kitesurfing, snorkeling, swimming, jet-skiing, hiking, and various other activities to maintain good health. Relish luxury yacht tours, trek to volcanoes, and explore ancient ruins to bask in the unique Cape Verde luxury holidays.  

1.	Enjoy Kitesurfing Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

1. Enjoy Kitesurfing

Visit the renowned Boa Vista and Sal Island and enjoy a range of sports including kitesurfing, and relish the ultimate Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. There are other wind and water sports to enjoy as well.
The winds are quite strong and suitable for kitesurfing from November to March. Veteran kitesurfing lovers can relish this unique holidays experience in Cape Verde. For beginners, there are sufficient amenities and classes available to learn kitesurfing as well.  

2.	Hike Pico De Fogo Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

2. Hike Pico De Fogo

Wear your trailing boots and trek to the magnificent Fogo Island with other adventure enthusiasts. Trek through numerous trails worthwhile to try while on the island, and cherish the unforgettable Cape Verde luxury holidays experience.
Among the best trails for trekking in Cape Verde is the marvelous Cha das Caldeiras situated nearby the uncanny ruins of Pico do Fogo. Both adventure lovers and explorers can trek through this trail while witnessing the stunning views along the way.

3.	Explore Santo Antão Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

3. Explore Santo Antão

Unearth the second-largest island with a variety of activities for tourists to relish the full potential of the Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. This island is lusher than the other ones including Boa Vista and the famous Sal Island.  
Tourists must visit the eminent Xoxo, and trek the picturesque trails between Lin d´Corvo down towards João Afonso. Enjoy the stunning views from the Delgadinho mountain crest along the way. Some of the trails are hard to trek on therefore, prepare in advance. Reserve a guided tour as it is the only reliable way to explore the stunning island.

4.	Luxuriate on a Yacht Trip Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

4. Luxuriate on a Yacht Trip

Sail along the spectacular coast of Sal on a luxury ocean yacht and embrace the full potential of Cape Verde vacation packages. The sailing experience is unique and a must-do, to relish the memorable Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. 
Visitors can enjoy the sailing experience until they reach the stunning Murdeira inlet. While on the yacht, tourists can soak up the sunshine or enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the pristine waters. They can also learn to sail with the captain and with adequate luck, they might also observe dolphins, flying fish, or whales plunging around in the water.

5.	Guided Quad Bike Tours Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

5. Guided Quad Bike Tours

Explore the golden sandy beaches of Sal on a Quad bike and relish the most amazing Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. Reserve a guided quad bike tour and drive across the magnificent island spots. 
Tourists can choose from a wide assortment of options for the tour. The excursion takes place both day and night, lasting two to four hours depending on the chosen schedule. Surveyors can visit a specific landmark and can reserve multiple tours to amply explore as well.

6.	Enjoy a Flight on the Zipline Cabo Verde Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

6. Enjoy a Flight on the Zipline Cabo Verde

Enjoy the stunning views of Sal Island from above through ziplining, and cherish the memorable Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. Ideal for solo explorers as well as families, couples, and friends, the adventure flight also provides muscle workout and generates an adrenaline rush as well.
Soar 1000 meters above the magnificent Sal Islands at a speed of about 100 Km/h and observe wonderful highlands and other Serra Negra nature reserves. Have some drinks and snacks before the flight available at a 100m high vantage point and bask in the Cape Verde luxury holidays experience with expert guides who will assist you throughout the flight.

7.	Relish an Exceptional Coast-to-Coast Tour Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

7. Relish an Exceptional Coast-to-Coast Tour

Explore the hidden gems of Cape Verde with this exceptional excursion trip witnessing the untamed nature, and relish the incredible Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. Tourists can explore magnificent highlands with swamps, carved canyons, volcanic formations, protected wildlife, and serene beaches that aren't patronized by visitors. 
Adrenaline chasers can enjoy various thrill-seeking activities while touring across the Murdeira Bay, Monte León, Ponta Preta, Fontona Oasis, Calheta Funda, Palmeira fishing port, and Buracona natural pools with its renowned 'Magical Eye'. Float in the Pedra de Lume Salt waters which is twenty-six times saltier than seawater. Take pictures of Terra Boa mirages, paddle with the Lemon sharks at Shark's Bay, and learn kite surfing at Mitu Monteiro school. 

8.	Witness the Startling Shipwreck Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

8. Witness the Startling Shipwreck

Observing the massive shipwreck of Cabo Santa Maria is among the top things to do to relish the astounding Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. Located on the beach of Atalanta, this is one of the ideal spots for taking stunning photos.
The massive wreck is the relic of a big freight ship that ran ashore in 1968 while traversing the Atlantic. The shipwreck has recently become a renowned spot for tourists, especially from Boa Vista, and a source of motivation for local artists as well. 

9.	Enjoy a Cocktail While Beholding a Stunning Sunset View Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

9. Enjoy a Cocktail While Beholding a Stunning Sunset View

Relish the sunsetting experience at the famous Ponta Preta beach and embrace the lifetime Cape Verde luxury holiday memories. The 3km beach is renowned globally for conducting the world-famous kite surfing championships every year.
Esteemed tourists can savor an assortment of delicious cocktails with munchies while witnessing the beautiful sunset on the skyline. Cherish memorable times with your loved ones and remember to save these precious memories by taking pictures. 

10.	Care For Sea Turtles in Santa Maria Things to Do in Cape Varde

Things to do in Cape Varde

10. Care For Sea Turtles in Santa Maria

Observe sea turtles in all their glory and relish the extraordinary Cape Verde luxury holidays experience. Reserve a small group tour, witness turtle conservation and safety, and get knowledge about these amazing creatures.  
Meet the esteemed biologists of the Biodiversity Project making sure the protection of sea turtles. Gain knowledge from these proficient nature guides who will tell you about the turtle attributes, their relationship with humans throughout history, their progression, and other curiosities about them. You can also volunteer in the turtle fortification venture. 

Top Places to Visit in Bora Bora

Savor the Local Cuisines

1.	Cachupa
1. Cachupa

This is the most popular Cape Verde dish prepared with slow-braised corn and bean stew mixed with vegetables like yams, squash, sweet potatoes, and different types of meat and spices. 

2.	Jagacida
2. Jagacida

This delectable dish is made with the Portuguese method of cooking long-grain rice and blending them with olive oil, cove leaves, garlic, kidney beans, paprika, white pepper, tomato paste, and onions. 

3.	Feijoada
3. Feijoada

Feijoada is a delectable slow-broiled bean stew made with several types of beans like red beans, pigeon peas, and Congo beans. They are mixed with lumps of meat and vegetables and served over rice.

4.	Caldo de Peixe
4. Caldo de Peixe

One of the popular national dishes is Caldo de Peixe. It is a fish broth prepared generally with a mackerel fish stewed and mixed with bell peppers, sweet potato, white potato, cabbage, onions, and tomato. 

5.	Pudim de leite
5. Pudim de leite

One of the renowned desserts of Cape Verde, Pudim de leite is analogous to quiche. It is a pudding prepared of eggs and condensed milk, and crowned with caramel sauce.

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You can visit Cape Verde at any time of the year. The average air and water temperature is mild, rain is infrequent and there is sunshine the entire year. However, the high season is considered to be from June to October.
The overseas inhabitants require visas to enter and sojourn in the archipelago. However, residents of a few countries with whom Cape Verde have visa-withholding pacts are excused.
The mosquito condition is bad in Cape Verde and therefore, it is suggested to use repellent numerous times throughout the day. It is also recommended to apply sunscreen before repellent while mosquito nets must be used to shelter beds and strollers. Choose light colors, slack clothing, and natural fibers to lessen physical exposure to mosquitoes.
Maximum hotels, bars, and restaurants in Cape Verde provide free Wi-Fi. In villages, the government provides internet hotspots in focal sites. It is recommended to buy a SIM card at the airport and charge it with the internet to enjoy access anywhere in the archipelago.
Ample transportation services are an important requirement in Cape Verde. Within the islands, the twelve-seater vans called rentals are utilized as public transport while there are rented cars and taxis available as well. The linking between the islands is created by internal flights except for Santo and Antão Brava, which are reachable by sea.
Call 112 in case of emergency. This is Cape Verde’s national emergency number and will be attended by experts from the ICC i.e., Integrated Command Center of the Safe Project, qualified for cataloging incidences and forwarding calls to police, firefighters, and other rescue agencies.
For esteemed travelers particularly those who are utilizing the all-inclusive Cape Verde vacation packages, there are the best places to stay including luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. These include: • Hotel Riu Touareg • Hotel Riu Funaná • Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort • Hotel Riu Palace Boavista • Hotel Riu Touareg • Hotel Riu Palace Santa Maria • Hotel Riu Cabo Verde All of the aforementioned hotels and resorts provide top-notch services to the honored guests where they can enjoy the Cape Verde luxury holidays experience.
Keep check of your belongings at all times. Avoid murky expanses after dark. Bequeath valuables in a hotel safe if possible and do not carry hefty sums of cash. Trivial crimes like pick-pocketing or handbag seizing can happen, including on beaches. In the case of beaches, Praia de Gamboa beach in Santiago is not recommended for swimming.
São Vicente is the ideal Cape Verde Island for culture enthusiasts. This place is a unique melting pot of the Brazilian, Portuguese, and African cultures. Any visitor can witness and feel the authentic Cape Verde life on this stunning island.
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