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Experience the beautiful amalgamation of East and West, and revel in the beauty of the mountains and magnificent highlands, while relishing the finest amenities with luxury holidays to Turkey. Virikson Holidays presents premium Turkey holiday packages with a comfortable stay at 5-star resorts. 

The all-inclusive luxury holiday packages offer several destination options for couples, family, friends, and solo-explorers. Newlyweds can relish the honeymoon experience by planning romantic holidays in Turkey. Old couples can resuscitate the romance while relishing the amenities of the best luxury beach resorts. They can also plan family holidays and explore with children while comforting at luxury family resorts. Let us provide you with the most equitable solutions for planning and organizing the experience of a lifetime with your loved ones. 


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Explore our incredible Turkey luxury holiday packages, carefully crafted to provide you with a lifetime holiday traveling experience. 


Fundamentals of Turkey Holiday Travel 

For an impeccable Turkey luxury holiday experience, learn the following basics presented compactly.

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Unwinding the Exquisiteness of Turkey: A Rich
Amalgamation of East & West

Turkey is a country of around 84.78 million people and occupies Asia Minor and Europe’s modest part. Its area is 301,382 square miles (814,578 square kilometers). The Capital of Turkey is Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople which was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Turky is bounded on the East by Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran; on the West by the Aegean Sea; on the Northwest by Greece Bulgaria, and the Sea of Marmara; on the North by the Black Sea and on the South by Syria, Iraq, and the Mediterranean. The currency used in Turkey is Turkish Lira.

The extensive history of the country, its culture, and delicious cuisines, amaze everyone who visits this country. From the prodigious highlands to the arid prairie land and the sunbaked Mediterranean, its stunning landscapes attract tourists from all over the world. From exploring Istanbul's historical wonders and relaxing on beaches to visiting Ephesus ruins and witnessing stunning panoramas in Cappadocia and Pamukkale, Turkey presents a myriad of activities for tourists. All these marvels of nature, history, and architecture make Turkey idyllic for luxury holidays. 


1.	Pamukkale Thermal Pools: Unwind in A Natural Sauna Things to Do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools: Unwind in A Natural Sauna

The Pamukkale Thermal Pools are a remarkably erratic and spectacular spot that can make anyone enthralled. The white calcareous landscape forged by the warm air springs, laden with limestones and resulting in an unparalleled wonder of calcium excesses that take several shapes of columns, potholes, and cascades, leaves anyone completely awestruck. It is certainly an enthralling vision, glancing over the extensive white topography with aquamarine springs molded in diverse layers with the blue sky overhead, that makes everyone praise its beauty at first sight. 
The warm pools are filled with healing water that can cure certain diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, eye problems, skin ailments, etc. Therefore, it ranks among the most popular sites to visit for those who desire to spend the most memorable Turkey luxury holidays, relishing the beauty of its marvels while relaxing.  

2.	Dervish Raqs: Witness the Revered Dance Things to Do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

2. Dervish Raqs: Witness the Revered Dance

Dervish Raqs is a spiritual dance presented by certain individuals to music that is devoted to the Almighty. It is performed during a Sufi ritual which also includes other divine practices such as Dhikr and Sama and was started by a known Sufi saint of the 13th Century known as, Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi. 
The Sufi performance involves playing pacifying melodies, musical instruments, dance, and soulful rhymes that are intent on uplifting the soul. The twirling moves of the Sufi dancers dressed in vibrant apparel, dancing at the backdrop of peaceful divine music is a sight that mesmerizes everyone and therefore, a visit that must be experienced. 

3.	The Bosphorus Ferry Boat Ride: Behold the Majestic Sights! Things to Do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

3. The Bosphorus Ferry Boat Ride: Behold the Majestic Sights!

A place where the East meets the West through the Black Sea that merges with the Mediterranean Sea, secured by the lofty Rumeli bastion, the Bosphorus ferry ride is a must-have experience for memorable Turkey luxury holidays. 
The spectacular sight of the Galata Bridge at a distance, calls for the most stunning spectacles of the cityscape at the Bosphorus. One can book a ferryboat and relish the most significant, unique, and exquisite topographical site on the planet Earth. It is recommended to visit the site beforehand and reserve a seat for yourself.

4.	Exhilarating Hot-Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia Things to Do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

4. Exhilarating Hot-Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia

Another top adventure activity to relish in Turkey is a hot-air balloon ride over the stunning panoramic sights of rock formations in Cappadocia. This natural marvel is recognized among the world's topmost ballooning destinations, especially for couples celebrating their honeymoon. 
Suitable weather conditions permit flights, around the year. And due to the absence of wildlife, balloons fly both up close and far above the aerial sights. Both longer flight packages and completely private flights are also offered. For visitors seeking memorable Turkey luxury holidays, ballooning over the enthralling wonders of Cappadocia is a must. 

5.	Kayaking at Kekova Things to Do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

5. Kayaking at Kekova

Kayaking activities take place on a rocky seashore called Kaş which is the epicenter for Kayaking in Turkey. Adjacent to the Kekova Island zone, lies the underwater Sunken City remains which can be best observed from a kayak.

The tour operatives in town offer circadian expeditions from April to September. Swimming isn't permissible in the area. However, a few Kaş trip operatives offer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions for qualified kayakers seeking unforgettable Turkey luxury holidays. 

Top Tourist Destinations in Turkey

Savor Authentic Turkish Food 

1.	Menemen
1. Menemen

Menemen is an instant breakfast item made of scrambled eggs and cooked gently with peppers, paprika, onions, and oregano. It is generally served with fresh bread and garnished with some homegrown olives.

2.	Meze
2. Meze

The cuisine item consists of an assortment of food platters like seafood, fried calamari, stuffed mussels, cheeses, beans, salads, and spreads, to pair with bread. 

3.	Kumpir
3. Kumpir

Kumpir is a popular street food snack made of sheath potato with a crusty outer skin and spongy within. It is served with an assortment of garnishes to choose from i.e., cheese, Russian salad, pickles, and sausage. 

4.	Baklava
4. Baklava

Baklava is a prime Turkish delectable delicacy, a sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo, and crammed with slashed nuts such as almonds, and walnuts. It is then, sweetened by honey or syrup. 

5.	Kunefe
5. Kunefe

Kunefe is undoubtedly the most delectable Turkish delight that is made with shredded phyllo dough, also termed kadafi, cheese, pistachio nuts, and bread crumbs.


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Being hospitable to people in Turkey is a norm. Therefore, in case you are offered a cup of tea by a shopkeeper, accept it graciously. It doesn’t mean you’ve to buy anything or can’t bargain to lower the price of something you want to buy. However, haggle in bazaars and not in the shops. While visiting a Turkish bath or hammam, don’t take pictures of people without asking them politely first. Last but not least, before buying anything, remember that it is mostly illegal to take antiques or fossils out of the country so better buy things other than the mentioned ones.
Turkey is a modern, secular nation following an Islamic tradition. Therefore, the dressing should be suitable for the setting. Exposing outfits can be tolerated in beach resorts, but not in mosques, towns, or most of the major cities. Although, wearing T-shirts and shorts is an acceptable attire for foreign visitors. However, Turks dress much smarter in public settings.
The richest assortment of extensive and pristine beaches along with the best resorts are the Turquoise Coast between Oludeniz and Gocova. Moreover, there are some sandy stretches nearby Istanbul as well. Families can also relish the beach experience while relishing the amenities of the finest luxury resorts. For visitors seeking unforgettable Turkey luxury holidays, visiting these beaches is a must-have experience.
Some of the most fun activities you can do in Turkey include, riding a hot-air balloon while observing the marvelous landscapes and highlands, enjoying ferry rides, kayaking, and riding horses, in their respective sites. Moreover, you can visit museums, take a bath in special Turkish hammams, relish the popular Turkish cuisines, and walk around the beautiful streets. For tourists seeking the most memorable remarkable Turkey luxury holidays,
If you are visiting Turkey for only 5 days then you can explore Cappadocia and Istanbul and visit their major magnetisms. There are numerous places to visit in Istanbul you can observe gorgeous highlands while riding a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia. Moreover, Turkey is also recognized for its delicious cuisine. Therefore, visitors who want to cherish the most incredible Turkey luxury holiday experience must savor numerous delectable Turkish cuisines as well.
Some of the major fascinations to visit in Istanbul include Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Suleimaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Grand Bazaar, Yedikule Fortress, Hippodrome, and Dolmabahce Palace. Visitors, particularly those who desire to relish the most treasured Turkey luxury holidays experience can do so, by availing both cheap and luxury holiday packages for Istanbul.
A hot air balloon ride cost can range between 1154 Turkish Lira to 1,823 Turkish Lira for a group basket. Booking online ahead is suggested. Moreover, it is recommended to check for the weather and carry a jacket as the weather on the height gets low.
If planned efficiently, Turkey isn’t costly to visit. Being a known traveling destination, Turkey permits visitors to travel on a budget and have a wonderful experience there. There are several cheap Turkey all-inclusive holiday packages that travel agencies offer to visitors. However, for vacationers who desire to relish the most treasured Turkey luxury holidays experience, several all-inclusive holiday packages with the best luxury 5-star resorts, are also available.
Turkey has some of the most beautiful and unique places that tourists must explore. Keeping this in mind, an 8-10 day tour of Turkey is adequate to explore. However, if you aspire to have a comprehensive experience of this vibrant and beautiful country with rich culture and history, then a two-week luxury holidays tour in Turkey would be sufficient for you.
Doner, Kebabs, and Kofte are among the most renowned conventional Turkish dishes. If you want to relish the taste of these famous and delicious cuisines then head to the authentic Turkish restaurants that are famous for making such delicious, traditional Turkish cuisines.
The national food of Turkey is Manti which is made of a single or a combination of ingredients like beef, lamb, cabbage, pumpkin, or potato, with often fat added to the meat.
Certain dishes are spicy. But mostly, the flavors are not extremely strong for the palette. However, they are quite scrumptious amalgamations of different flavors.
Yes, one can eat pork in Turkey. However, it is hard to find pork in Turkey as it is not conventionally and socially acceptable. Therefore it is not available in every other grocery store or restaurant and one has to search hard for places where pork is available.
Turkish food generally comprises meat, nuts, fresh salads, aubergine, Mediterranean spices, and olive oils.
Yes, people do eat Turkey in Turkey although, extremely rare. The most commonly consumed meat sources are chicken, buffalo, and Lamb meat.
Yes, one can find bacon in Turkey but mostly in Italian restaurants.
Yes, one can be sure of the fact that Turkish food is among the healthiest foods. The food generally consists of freshly made bread, salad, low-fat cheese, olive oil, tender meat, stews, and more. However, it also depends on the place where you’re eating, and what you are eating.
Turkey is a terrific place for vegans as maximum edibles are made with veggie bases. Almost every shop or restaurant sells vegetarian options for travelers who strictly don’t like meat or chicken in their meals.
The famous Turkish delicacy like sugar cube sweets, also known as Real Lokum, are typically vegan since they are made with cornstarch.
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