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Want to venture beyond the usual daily routine? Commence an exceptional odyssey to explore the unique wildlife and untamed nature, and relish the incredible luxury holidays in Uganda. Grasp the chance with Virikson Holidays' Uganda luxury holiday packages and set on an unforgettable safari tour in the ‘Pearl of Africa’. 
Make use of remarkable Uganda luxury holiday packages and discover the natural landscapes while relishing the finest amenities of luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. Safari lovers can avail of our incredible luxury Uganda safari deals and embark on an exceptional journey to explore the beauty of its stunning forestry and wildlife, and revitalize on its exceptional beaches and premium resorts. 

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Main Highlights of Uganda 

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Embrace the Allures of Uganda

Located in East-Central Africa, Uganda is a landlocked country with typically a varied equatorial climate. It is bordered by South Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West. The country’s official currency is the Ugandan shilling.
Traveling fanatics can discover the miscellaneous appeals of this amazing holiday destination by opting for unbelievable Uganda luxury holiday deals. Exploring enthusiasts will have plenty of islands and untamed nature to explore, sandy beaches to rejuvenate, and historical sites to visit. There are several luxury safari packages for tourists to opt for and get close to Uganda’s spellbinding wildlife.
Get up close and personal with the king of the jungle, and discover the carefully preserved, rare breeds of apes and other animals and birds. Savor the delicious local food and have a fun time on sandy beaches with your loved ones. Explore the most stunning national parks and trek high mountains amidst the stunning wildlife. Avail of our exclusive Christmas and Easter Uganda holiday deals, celebrate these festivals while exploring primeval landmarks and beautiful islands, and make the most out of your holiday tour. 

1.	Witness the Beauty of Murchison Falls Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

1. Witness the Beauty of Murchison Falls

Visit the largest national park of Uganda and witness the charm of Murchison Falls to fully embrace the full potential of Uganda travel packages. Stretching 1,500 square miles, Murchison Falls is situated around 200 miles from Kampala, in the Northwestern part of the country, and a place worth visiting to bask in the luxury holidays in Uganda. 
The falls are divided by the Victoria Nile, that is forced through a tiny gorge known as the Devil’s Cauldron, forming a stunning 130-feet waterfall. Tourists can avail of the incredible Uganda safari packages and explore both land and aquatic ecologies, observing wild animals including elephants, antelopes, chimpanzees, hippos, crocodiles, storks, Roskilde Giraffes, leopards, warthogs, buffalo, and over 450 bird species. 

2.	Enjoy the Amazing Chimpanzee Trekking Experience Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

2. Enjoy the Amazing Chimpanzee Trekking Experience

Relish the ultimate Uganda luxury holidays experience by trekking through the wild settings of Kibale National Parka while observing Chimpanzees and other primates. Situated at the Ruwenzori Mountains foothills, Kibale Forest National Park comprises the maximum multiplicity of primates in all of East Africa.
Trek with qualified local guides and observe about 1450 Chimpanzees, around 325 bird species, and other wildlife creatures. Tourists may also observe the Red Colobus Monkey, and L’Hoest Monkey among other 13 primate species to cherish the benefits of Uganda holiday packages.

3.	Observe Mighty Gorillas During Gorilla Trekking Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

3. Observe Mighty Gorillas During Gorilla Trekking

Home to more than half of the Planet’s 800 more or less mountain gorillas, Uganda is an ideal destination to witness these amazing creatures. Hike through the verdant Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and observe a multiplicity of gorillas to wallow in the exceptional luxury Uganda gorilla safari experience.
Set on a 2–6-hour trek up the steep hills of the Rift Valley and observe one of the rarest gorilla species. Established in 1991, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site housing nearly 320 threatened Mountain Gorillas, numerous bird species, above 200 butterfly species, and nine other species of primates. Visiting these attractions to observe these amazing wildlife creatures is one of the top things to do in Uganda. 

4.	Relax in the Ssese Islands Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

4. Relax in the Ssese Islands

Traveling around and exploring this magnificent country day-round can be tiring. To relax and revitalize, head to the stunning Sese Islands, on the Northwestern section of Lake Victoria in Uganda. It is one of the 84 islands in the country out of which half of these islands are populated, and one of the top tourist attractions to relish the memorable luxury holidays in Uganda.  
Visitors can explore the incredible island fascinations or relax on one of the beaches sipping cocktails and soaking up the sunlight while relishing the mesmerizing sight of the pristine waters of Lake Victoria lapping over the golden sands. The Ssese Islands are fairly unscathed, compared to several other sites in the country, so they’re an ideal spot to be visited to experience the authentic culture of Uganda.

5.	Witness the Might of The King of Savannah Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

5. Witness the Might of The King of Savannah

Uganda offers visitors some of the best luxury Uganda safari experiences and one of these includes beholding the majesty of tree-climbing lions in the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park. Tourists can observe other wild animals especially Topis, and Budongo to luxuriate in the unbelievable Uganda travel packages.  
Wildlife enthusiasts have a lot to explore and observing the King of Savannah in the Ishasha zone of Queen Elizabeth National Park climbing up the old fig trees and resting there for days is an experience to cherish. Tourists can also observe topi antelopes, with their extended heads, that are found only in this place in Uganda. From February to September, nature lovers can also spot Budongo and a spectacular underground Kyambura forest located in a deep canyon in Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

6.	Hike Mount Elgon & Observe Sipi Falls Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

6. Hike Mount Elgon & Observe Sipi Falls

For trekking lovers, there are numerous hiking spots available in Uganda but none of them can beat the incredible hiking experience as Mount Elgon does. Located on the Ugandan/Kenyan border, the 4321m high Mount Elgon is considered one of the best hikes in Africa. 
Tourists can fully embrace the benefits of Uganda holiday packages by trekking across the incredible Mount Elgon trails. They can witness the mesmerizing beauty of Sipi waterfalls that lie on the brink of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. Hike around the falls and behold spellbinding vistas of the Lake Kyoga, Karamoja plains, and the gradients of Mt. Elgon.

7.	Explore the Fascinations of Kibale National Park Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

7. Explore the Fascinations of Kibale National Park

Explore the amazing wildlife and lush forests in the spectacular Kibale National Park and make your dream Uganda luxury holiday experience come true. The incredible park houses spectacular wildlife for tourists to explore and make their Uganda tour memorable. 
Visitors can witness some of the world’s most incredible multiplicities of Simians from Central Africa and chimpanzee packs probing through the woods. There are other incredible monkey breeds to spot in the park including the Ugandan Red colobus monkeys and the rare L’Hoest’s. 

8.	Gaddafi National Mosque Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

8. Gaddafi National Mosque

Discover the marvels of the Gaddafi National Mosque located on the Old Kampala Hill, and wallow in the uniqueness of luxury holidays in Uganda. The colorful structure of the mosque with its spellbinding Art features was designed based on a blend of Arab, African, and European touches. The mosque is open to everyone without discrimination. 
Travelers can explore this magnificent mosque with an accommodation capacity of over 35,000 people, which makes it one of the largest mosques in Central, Sub-Saharan, and East Africa. The mosque also houses the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Headquarters. Tour around and explore a University College, Library, meeting hall, FM Radio Station, and a hospital among other sections. Behold the panoramic city view from the mosque minaret and capture these lifetime memories to cherish.

9.	Witness History at the Uganda Museum Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

9. Witness History at the Uganda Museum

Visit the incredible Uganda Museum and revisit the country’s history to embrace the full potential of Uganda holiday packages. Located on Kira Road in the country’s largest and capital city, Kampala, the museum is one of the top tourist attractions to be visited in Uganda. 
Travelers can explore the oldest and the largest museum in the country and relish the exceptional luxury holidays in Uganda. They can observe the Stone Age tools, and explore the ethnography, paleontology, and ethnohistory sections of the museum while listening to the traditional music, and immersing themselves in the country’s rich history. 

10.	Hike the Soaring Rwenzori Mountains Things to Do in Uganda

Things to do in Uganda

10. Hike the Soaring Rwenzori Mountains

Take your exploration tour to new heights by trekking the gigantic Rwenzori Mountains also known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Traversing the border with Congo, this incredible range of mountains also holds Uganda’s tallest mountain, Mount Stanley.
Visitors can visit the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and witness the might of snow-capped Margherita summit which is the third tallest in Africa at 5,109m. Situated in Southwestern Uganda, the park UNESCO world heritage site, and offers ample trekking and safari tours for tourists to bask in the marvelous luxury holidays in Uganda.

Top Places to Visit in Uganda 

Uncover the finest tourist spots to ensure your Uganda luxury holiday is truly gratifying.

Savor Traditional Cuisines

1.	Rolex
1. Rolex

This delectable Ugandan street food is a rolled chapati crammed with an omelet, meat, and vegetables including avocado, tomatoes onion, etc., and then rolled up. 

2.	Matooke
2. Matooke

This delicious dish is a plantain porridge prepared from green, pared plantains, crushed and cooked in banana leaves, seasoned with spices, and then served with beans, peanut sauce, beef, or chicken. 

3.	Luwombo
3. Luwombo

This delectable Ugandan cuisine is made by wrapping chicken, meat, or fish, in banana leaves together with groundnut paste.

4.	Katogo
4. Katogo

This traditional breakfast dish features cassava, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and matooke mixed in a sauce made from onions, tomatoes, beef, offal, beans, ghee, peas, and ground peanuts. 

5.	Muchomo
5. Muchomo

Muchomo means roasted meat on a stick and that can be chicken, beef, or goat’s meat. In restaurants, Muchomo is served with roasted matooke, fries, or salads.

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The official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili. However, Nilotic, Central Sudanic, and Bantu are also commonly spoken.
A visa is required to travel to Uganda from Canada and the United States. Presently, visitors must apply online for it before traveling as they will be asked for a barcoded email upon arrival. A legal passport is compulsory and must be valid for a minimum of 6 months past the expected date of departure from Uganda.
Internet access is readily available in most big city hotels, usually for a small fee. There are only a few luxury Uganda safari camps in Uganda with internet access.
Most tourists who have traveled to Uganda stated to not see more than 4 or 5 mosquitoes a day. Those traveling at other times of the year can encounter more insects. However, the positive aspects of the Uganda safari experience far outweigh the annoyance caused by insects for most tourists.
The ideal time to visit Uganda is between June and September as this is the dry season. However, temperatures remain tepid year-round due to its proximity to the equator.
It is recommended to wear brown, grey, or khaki-colored clothing from June through October, and green clothing from November through May to avoid signaling the wildlife of your presence. White and other bright colors are not recommended to wear as white which gets dirty very fast and blue attracts tsetse flies, but not enough to worry about. Camouflage clothing is not allowed.

Tourists are suggested to bring cool, comfortable clothes, that can keep you warm at night or on game drives. Bring a pair of sandals, comfortable walking shoes, a hat to block the sun, and a swimsuit. There is no need to bring heavy boots.
In most cases, it is safe to eat all of the foods provided by cottages and camps as they take great care of food health. However, to evade stomach bugs, avoid putting ice cubes in drinks (most places utilize distilled water for ice cubes so simply ask if you are concerned), eat only thick-skinned fruits that are peeled like bananas, and oranges, and avoid eating salads. It is recommended to consume just bottled drinks which are readily available. Don’t gulp water during a shower and use purified water for brushing your teeth. Ask to open the water bottle in front of you as they may try to reuse the vessel at some of the bigger, but lower-quality hotels.
The ideal time to visit Uganda for wildlife exploration is during the dry season. During the rains, wildlife is dispersed as there is ample surface water, i.e., perennial rivers, and puddles, for them to consume. After the rains end, wildlife assembles around remaining surface water supplies i.e., lakes, pools, and large rivers.
The following are some of the best resorts in Entebbe for visitors to reside and revitalize. These include: • 2Friends Beach Hotel • Nabinonya Resort Beach Hotel • Rosemary Courts • Lake Victoria Granada Hotel • Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe • Imperial Resort Beach Hotel Honored travelers can dwell in the aforementioned and other hotels and resorts and make the best of their luxury holidays in Uganda.
According to most of the authentic traveling websites, the priciest hotel in Uganda is the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.
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