•    How Booking can be Confirmed?

Remember, if you have provided the credit card details and confirmed that, your booking is confirmed. You only have to click on the Submit Button on the next page. After that you will get an email confirmation, you must have given the email address you visit to check emails in routine. The email will have all the package details like your activities, your order number, the price details, etc.
To track your booking or for other queries, if you are contacting Virikson Holidays, you will need to mention your order number so that your booking can be found easily.

•    How to cancel a Booked Holiday Package?

If you want to cancel the booking, send the cancellation request to info@viriksonholidays.co.uk. You can also contact Virikson Holidays’ agents over the telephone at 0203-745-5788. If you booked the package with Virikson Holidays and didn’t pay against that booking in 72 hours, the booking will be canceled.

•    When and How will you receive your Tickets?
In the UK, customers receive the tickets via registered mail. You will receive your tickets in 7 days and within 24 hours on an urgent basis.
If you have booked the ticket in your name and ID Card, it is a must that you will receive the ticket, so keep your ID card with you. UPS system is commonly used in regard to delivering the tickets, for Heathrow and Gatwick airports, personal collection is recommended.

•    Would I have to Pay for the hand Baggage?
Maybe, maybe not. It varies. Better is to contact the airline you are intended to travel with. Ask them about the baggage limit and, if exceeded, how much to pay them extra.

•    Can you Book a Ticket in your Name for Other Travelers?

Yes, this is as simple as you are doing it for yourself. You can book a ticket for others in your name. Some more details would be asked by the agent when contacted.

•    How Early Do I Need to Book a Flight Before Traveling?

You can book your ticket even a month, or weeks ago. But you can book your ticket earlier and make a booking up to as much as 11 months in advance.

•    What is the Refund Process?

It depends. The process may take 10-40 days and if complications are there, it may take a few months. Your trips are arranged with the collaboration of consolidators and the airline you reserve to travel with. So the airline reviews the complains and gets a refund to the customers after the due process. Refunding charges are also there, you should know all the consequences.

•    Direct Flights, Linked Flights, and Non-stop Flights

Direct flights may land at the airports only for refueling purposes and don’t allow the passengers to go out to roam. Liked flights are meant to stay on the other airports come in a way and allow passengers to go out of the plane and take a rest at the airport, these types of flights are somehow cheap.
Non-stop flights are the directly destined flights with no stops even for refueling. Yes, in case of emergency, they are allowed to land anywhere they feel fine.

•     Scheduled or Chartered Flights?

Virikson Holidays arrange Chartered flights to the Holiday destinations and they are cheap for the customers, you will find less room to place your foot because planes are small in size. Scheduled flights have to do with the airlines and they set the time and date of the flights. It is up to the ease of our customers how they want to travel.