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Escape the rigors of daily life and embark on an unforgettable journey to the enchanting archipelago to bask in the splendors of Malta luxury holidays. Embrace the opportunity to relish the perks of extraordinary Malta holiday packages 2023 that promise a perfect blend of opulence and exploration. 
With meticulously curated all-inclusive Malta holiday packages, travelers can impeccably traverse the exquisite corners of this island paradise and discover solace on its tranquil shores. Exploring enthusiasts will find their haven as they will find several archaic magnetisms and stunning architecture to reconnoiter. At the end of an exhilarating day, find rejuvenation and reprieve in the finest offerings of 5-star hotels and resorts.

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Discover the Marvels of Malta

The Republic of Malta is an island nation that stands as a historical gem, encompassing captivating chronicles that span across ages. This picturesque island, nestled within the Mediterranean, holds the distinction of being the largest among its seven other Mediterranean counterparts. The capital city is Valletta while the national currency is the Euro and the official language is Maltese.
The magnificent archipelago offers a plethora of adventurous pursuits, captivating sights to uncover, cuisines to savor, and tranquil havens to rejuvenate in. With the availability of cheap all-inclusive holidays to Malta, travelers can embark on an exploration of myriad island attractions, explore historical landmarks, and luxuriate in the opulence of premier 5-star establishments.
Opt for comprehensive all-inclusive Malta family luxury holiday packages and embark upon an extraordinary odyssey filled with discovery, excitement, and revitalization. Traverse across the archipelago while luxuriating in the comfort of lavish 5-star all-inclusive resorts and hotels. Delight in the multiplicity of adventure activities. Partake in the pleasure of luxury yacht excursions, and unearth ancient ruins to bask in the unparalleled allure of Malta’s opulent holiday experience.

1.	Stroll Around the Primeval City Avenues in Valletta Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

1. Stroll Around the Primeval City Avenues in Valletta

Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Valletta is considered the jewel in Malta’s crown and a must-visit place to embrace the full potential of the incredible Malta luxury holidays experience. The city has numerous astounding sites to visit and it takes multiple tours to cherish the astonishments the city has to offer.
Pack your traveling bag and set out to explore stunning Upper Barrakka Gardens, the magnificent St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the Grandmaster’s Citadel, then head to the Clandestine Valletta for an unforgettable tour of the city’s archaic reservoirs and watercourses. 

2.	Delight in the Blue Lagoon Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

2. Delight in the Blue Lagoon

Behold the stunning views of the Comino’s marvelous Blue Lagoon and bask in the extraordinary Malta luxury holidays experience.  Stretching between Comino and the even diminutive island of Cominotto, this shoal and sandy-bottomed lagoon with pristine waters is an ideal place to wallow in the Mediterranean’s tepid waters and even warmer rays.
Schedule an early boat tour starting around 8 am, rejuvenate for a few hours and after reaching Comino, stroll around the scarcely-dwelt island and explore its spooky abandoned village, hospital and other ramparts before commencing back to the mainland.

3.	Saluting Battery Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

3. Saluting Battery

Explore the Saluting Battery which is considered one of Malta's top magnetisms where history is revived every day. Situated high alongside Valletta's Eastern notable fortifications, the place offers remarkable views of the Grand Harbor and its surrounding invigorated towns.
Visit this conceivably the most archaic saluting battery still operating anywhere in the world. Visitors can observe a striking assortment of novel muzzle-loading armaments, reinstated gunpowder magazines, side-arm stock ammunition, and saluting guns to relish the incredible Malta luxury holidays experience.

4.	Cruise the Shoreline in a Luzzu Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

4. Cruise the Shoreline in a Luzzu

Get out into the open ocean and view the majestic beauty of the Island by reserving a cruise tour and relish the remarkable Malta luxury holidays experience. Luzzu is a conventional Maltese radiantly tinted fishing boat that is typically used for visitors to give them a marine tour of the stunning island.  
Take the cruise tour in a Luzzu and explore the island’s obscured trinkets including the splendid Blue Grotto and Ghar Lapsi caves in Malta and the exquisite vaulted sea in Gozo. Yachts and Luzzus are open for reservation from any port though, it's best to book in advance as their demand increases in the open season.  

5.	Visit Malta’s Game of Thrones Spots Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

5. Visit Malta’s Game of Thrones Spots

Explore the exquisite locations used as the movie sets for the globally renowned season, ‘Game of Thrones’, and luxuriate the ultimate Malta luxury holidays experience. The day-long tour of different stunning spots is a must-do experience to embrace the full potential of Malta vacation packages 2023.
Stroll around the avenues of Flea Bottom, hear the on-set stories of your favorite actors from the season, and relish the memorable luxury holidays in Malta. There are several other set locations in Gozo but tourists can reserve a Game of Thrones Malta tour and visit all the famous set locations in Valletta and Gozo Island.  

6.	Enjoy a Full-Day Quad Tour Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

6. Enjoy a Full-Day Quad Tour

Take a 7-hour quad bike tour around Gozo and relish the outstanding Malta luxury holidays experience. Behold the majestic views while driving through jagged inlets, valleys, and several other magnificent spots to bask in the ultimate perks of all-inclusive Malta vacation packages.  
Pause at the stunning Inland Sea and Calypso Cave to witness their mesmerizing beauty. Make a stop at Fungus Rock Break, savor an assortment of delicious foods, and enjoy doing shopping afterward. Those residing at one of Malta’s hotels can enjoy a powerboat ride back to Malta via Comino’s Sea Caves and cherish the unforgettable Malta vacation experiences. 

7.	Marvel at the Magnificent St John’s Co-Cathedral Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

7. Marvel at the Magnificent St John’s Co-Cathedral

Observe the magnificent interior of the majestic St. John’s Co-Cathedral and relish the unique Malta luxury holidays experience. Though the exterior of St. John’s exhibits simplicity, the interior, however, proudly boasts the wonderful oeuvre of gold, tinted marble, and paint. 
 Reserve a guided Valletta tour and visit this stunning cathedral of the St. John’s Knights exhibiting the remarkable paintings of Caravaggio including his prime and only signed work. The Order’s Grand Masters are buried in its catacomb, and all these unique features of the Cathedral make it a worth-visiting site to embrace the true potential of Malta vacation packages. 

8.	Visit the Famous Popeye Village Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

8. Visit the Famous Popeye Village

Relive your childhood by visiting the marvelous Popeye Village which was specifically designed as a movie set for the ‘Popeye’ movie in 1980, starring Robin Williams. The set had been changed into a theme park for families and children to rejuvenate and explore the small yet unique place created over the water. 
Witness the peculiarly designed houses built over the water, against the cliffs, and cherish the unforgettable Malta luxury holiday memories.  Meet the famous Popeye and his pack, visit the Popeye Comic Museum and mini golf course, enjoy jumping over the water trampoline, and explore the interesting set houses. Take a boat ride at Anchor Bay and behold the stunning views of the Popeye Village.  

9.	Revisit the History in the Magnificent Sanctuaries Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

9. Revisit the History in the Magnificent Sanctuaries

Witness Malta’s ancient and marvelous temples located on Gozo Island to know more about its interesting past and relish the memorable Malta luxury holidays experience. The island’s 5500-year-old historical remnants will give you an insight as those temples were believed to have been built by the giants.
Visit the magnificent Gozo’s Ġgantija, older than the pyramids, Malta’s Mnajdra and Hagar Qim, which are UNESCO-certified primeval worship places. Behold their architectural marvels as they are made with massive limestone blocks that still hold their place and amaze tourists and archaeologists with their times-tested strength

10.	Party Hard at the Festivals Things to Do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

10. Party Hard at the Festivals

Cheer up the party scene at various festivals that are the chief element of the Maltese culture, and cherish the wonderful Malta luxury holidays experience. There are festivals conducted throughout the year to celebrate various events or just to have fun.
Celebrate the festivals revolving around Easter, Catholic saints’ days, and other summer celebrations including folk music, kite-flying, etc. For those who desire solace in a less-crowded, serene environment, they can trek up to a peak and behold the skyline and enjoy the amazing fireworks which often exhibit their splendor typically in the summer season.  

Malta Top Attractions

Savor Traditional Malta Cuisines

1.	Pastizzi
1. Pastizzi

Whittled like diamonds, the crumbly pastries are conventionally crammed with ricotta cheese but sometimes gorged with rabbit, tuna, spinach, and peas or anchovy and spinach during the Holy Week.

2.	Torta Tal-Lampuki
2. Torta Tal-Lampuki

Featuring a delicious blend of Malta’s major cultural influences i.e., Arab Italian, and English, the dish includes olives, tomatoes, capers mint raisins, and lemon peel, all swathed up in a flaky tart crust.

3.	Aljotta
3. Aljotta

This famous garlicky fish soup is made with tomatoes, onions, and garlic, seasoned with bay and mint leaves, rice added afterward until wholly stewed, and garnished with parsley and a few drops of lemon.

4.	Stuffat Tal-Fenek
4. Stuffat Tal-Fenek

This savory dish is made with slow-cooked tender gashes of rabbit in a pot, along with potatoes, onions, garlic red wine, carrots, tomato purée, and other traditional Maltese herbs to augment the flavor.

5.	Imqaret
5. Imqaret

Exhibiting the Arab influence in Malta, Imqaret is a traditional rectangular-shaped sweet tart made with pastry and date stuffing. 

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Shops are generally open from 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM and 03.00 PM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday. However, in tourist spots, several shops remain open throughout the day from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM, or even later. Numerous supermarkets are also open 24/7 all week including Sundays.
It is suggested that you drink sifted water, bottled water, or reverse osmosis water.
The opening hours of pubs and bars differ, but usually, most bars are open from noon until about midnight. Nightclubs typically open from 09.00 PM to 04.00 AM, though hours may differ for every place.
Malta is considered an ideal year-round destination particularly due to temperate weather conditions. April, May, and June are typically warm but the weather is not too hot. Spring season is also enjoyable as the visitors can enjoy the splendid wildflower season and the verdant flora of the countryside. September is relatively cool, while October to January is not harsh for winter. January and February are the coldest months however, Maltese winters are still pleasantly temperate, with bright blue skies on most days, and temperatures seldom plummeting under 12 degrees.
Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. The English language is articulated everywhere in the country. Among other languages, numerous Maltese also speak Italian, stupendously well.
In case of any emergency, call 112.
Among several other specialties, Maltese filigree rings, Bajtra, and Blown glass from Mdina are the top things to buy as souvenirs in Malta
The local currency of Malta is the Euro. $1 equals around 0.92 EURO.
Tipping is the norm in restaurants in Malta. The gratuity of 5-10% is adequate if you’re satisfied with the service you’ve received. However, it’s not essential to tip in case, the service charges have already been included in the bill.
For esteemed travelers particularly those who are utilizing the all-inclusive Malta travel packages, there are the best places to stay including luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. These include:
  • Hilton Malta
  • Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian's
  • InterContinental Malta, an IHG Hotel
  • The Phoenicia Malta
  • Cugó Gran Macina
  • The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux
All of the aforementioned hotels and resorts provide top-notch services to the honored guests where they can enjoy the ultimate Malta luxury holidays experience.
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