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Give yourself a reprieve from the hectic routine demands and take on an unforgettable journey to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the incredible luxury Sri Lanka holidays with Virikson Holidays’ all-inclusive luxury tour packages and celebrate life beyond the ordinary. 
Utilize our noteworthy Sri Lanka luxury holidays deals and uncover the natural beauty, exceptional wildlife, and cultural richness of the mesmerizing island country. Vacation lovers can escape to numerous luxury retreats by availing of the best holiday deals while enjoying comfortable stays in premium 5-star hotels and resorts.  

Sri Lanka Luxury Holidays 

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Essentials of Luxury Sri Lanka Holidays

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Immerse Yourself in the Charms of Sri Lanka

Located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a small island with a land mass of 25,000 square miles and a population of 18.3 million. The island comprises a 2,502m elevated South-central mountainous region surrounded by extensive coastal grasslands. The country’s official currency is Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
Explore some of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka that are famous tourist destinations worldwide. The island country is known for its captivating landscapes, untamed nature, and cultural richness. By opting for impressive luxury Sri Lanka tour deals, travel enthusiasts can experience the warm hospitality of the locals while savoring some of the most delicious cuisines.  
Rejuvenate on the sandy beaches and wallow in the premium facilities of luxury 5-star beach resorts. Enjoy wonderful safari tours, get close to wild and marine animals, and relish the most scenic boat rides. Lap up the unbelievable scuba-diving, snorkeling, and swimming experience. Trek through and explore numerous national parks and revisit history in several museums and some of the most ancient temples and other religious sites. 

1.	Explore Historic Temples Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

1. Explore Historic Temples

Sri Lanka is globally known for its long-standing and marvelous Buddhist temples. Visiting these historic temples is one of the top things to do, to revel in the ultimate luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience. See the residence of the king and queen in the spectacular Royal Palace. Believed to be housing one of Buddha’s teeth, the nearby Kandy Temple of Tooth is a worth-visiting site for tourists. Trek to Big Buddha or sightsee the amazing Kandy’s Lake while you’re in Kandy. 
Dating back to the 1st century BC, the amazing Dambulla cave temple is one of the top places to visit in Sri Lanka. Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the rock-shaped Dambulla temple houses the country’s largest assortment of Buddhist statues and paintings. The close by Ridi Viharaya is another rock-carved religious site believed to be predating Dambulla. 

2.	Spot Leopards & Elephants at Udawalawe National Park Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

2. Spot Leopards & Elephants at Udawalawe National Park

Visit one of the biggest national parks in the country and embrace the full potential of Sri Lanka holiday packages. Housing Sri Lankan leopards, water buffalo, the threatened Sri Lankan sloth bear, and gigantic elephants, the stunning park is special in every manner to mesmerize tourists with its beauty.
To relish the extraordinary luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience, reserve a guided tour from the park’s entrance and reconnoiter its spellbinding vistas. Spot a peacock with its beautiful feathers and see them in full spread if you’re lucky. Explore the untamed nature of the park and observe numerous wild animals, mesmerizing the visitors with all their might. 

3.	Undertake a Safari Tour in Yala National Park Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

3. Undertake a Safari Tour in Yala National Park

For every tourist, one of the top Sri Lankan attractions to visit is the outstanding Yala National Park. Situated in the country’s South, this amazing must-visit place is the country’s flagship wildlife sanctuary for tourists to get up close with majestic animals and cherish the exceptional luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience.   
Explore the astounding park attractions including veering plains, damp swamps, sandy shores, aquatic marshlands, and monsoon forests. Observe the big cats including the world’s highest leopard concentration. Get yourself binoculars and witness the wonderful birdlife. Tourists can also get close to elephants, sloth bears, and crocodiles among other wildlife attractions. 

4.	Hike The Remarkable Adam’s Peak Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

4. Hike The Remarkable Adam’s Peak

Trek the incredible Adam’s Peak and cherish one of the most memorable experiences of your life in Sri Lanka. Celebrated as the most significant religious landmark for people of different faiths, it is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Sri Lanka. 
Adam’s Peak is believed to be the footprint of either Adam, Shiva, or Buddha depending on the religious belief. Tourists can relish the wonderful luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience by hiking the amazing 2,243m peak, especially during the early morning when the mist covers the mountain. Nearby this summit is the UNESCO-listed Galle to enjoy some laid-back holiday time for tourists.   

5.	Level Up Your Surfing Game in Arugam Bay Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

5. Level Up Your Surfing Game in Arugam Bay

Head to the amazing Arugam Bay and enjoy serene and adventurous luxury beach holidays in Sri Lanka. Located on the parched South-east coast of the country, adventure enthusiasts can relish the ultimate wave-riding experience on the laid-back beach and lap up the benefits of Sri Lanka tour packages.  
Make lifetime memories with your loved ones on the moon-shaped and sugar-soft sand whorl, amidst the towering coconut palms. Whether it is about relishing the ultimate surfing experience, enjoying beach sports, soaking up the sunlight, or just picnicking, the place offers the ultimate unforgettable experience for both luxury family and couple holidays in Sri Lanka.    

6.	Ride the Kandy to Ella Train Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

6. Ride the Kandy to Ella Train

Ride the train from Kandy to Ella or in reverse, from Ella to Kandy and enjoy one of the world’s most amazing train rides that will make your luxury Sri Lanka holidays unforgettable. Taking on this five-hour journey is one of the top things to do in Sri Lanka.  
Tourists can board the train along with their loved ones and witness some of the most scenic views on their way to Ella. The ticket price is as low as $1.50 and tourists can conveniently avail of the cheap holidays to Sri Lanka. Travelers can reserve the famous tea plantation visit along with the train ride from Kandy to Ella and make their Sri Lanka holiday tour memorable.      

7.	Visit the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

7. Visit the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

Stretching 91 meters at a height of 24 meters, the implausible Nine Arch Bridge is situated between the Demodara and Ella stations. Built at Gotuwala during the British colonial age, the bridge is set amidst a lush jungle and an agronomical setting, with stunning nine arches enhancing its appeal. 
Tourists can visit this amazing bridge known locally as ‘Ahas Namaye Palama’ meaning nine skies bridge in Sinhala, as one can observe the picturesque sky views from the nine arches. The bridge is made entirely from cement, bricks, and rocks, and there is no use of metal or steel throughout the incredible structure. Head to the cafes in the hills and savor delicious food while enjoying the scenic vistas from several bridge vantage points to cherish the extraordinary luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience. 

8.	Walk Through & Explore the Tea Plantation in Nuwara Eliya Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

8. Walk Through & Explore the Tea Plantation in Nuwara Eliya

Trek through the splendid tea plantations from where the leaves are picked for Lipton Tea which is the most famous international tea brand. Reserve a guided tour and climb up and down the tea trail with a local guide and reminisce about the country’s colonial past to make your luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience worthwhile.  
Start the Royal Tea Trail by the roadside and observe the swerving tea savannahs and pickers plucking up the tea leaves. Take a guided tour of the Hill Country’s Haputale Mountains, where Sir Thomas Lipton established his tea empire, and buy a few leaf samples with you to take back home. Visit Lipton’s Seat., which is Mr Lipton’s favorite place to sit and oversee his massive tea estate.

9.	Discover the Fascinations of Hikkaduwa Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

9. Discover the Fascinations of Hikkaduwa

Nestled two hours away from Colombo, in the Galle district of Southwestern Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa has been a popular tourist attraction, especially for its beaches, which offer vibrant nightlife and delectable cuisines. It is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka to enjoy the ultimate luxury beach holidays.  
Adrenaline seekers can quench their adventure thirst by enjoying surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary. Other ideal places for scuba diving include the incredible reef dives and the wreck dives which make it the second-best place for scuba diving. Visit the nearby Gangarama Maha Vihara, Hikkaduwa National Park, Tsunami Education Center & Museum, Narigama Beach, Sea Turtle Hatching & Rescue Center, and other restaurants and bars to bask in the ultimate luxury Sri Lanka holidays. 

10.	Enjoy Whale Watching in Mirissa Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka

10. Enjoy Whale Watching in Mirissa

Head to the marvelous Merissa and relish the breathtaking whale-watching views to wallow in the benefits of Sri Lanka luxury tour packages. It is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka for enjoying family or couple holidays.
Tourists can also enjoy a boat ride which is an incredible experience in itself altogether. They can see turtles, whales, and dolphins swimming in the waters while enjoying tea, coffee, or breakfast provided in the boat. The early morning boat ride is the ideal option to avail, due to lower prices and suitable weather conditions for sailing

Top 5 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Discover the most sought-after places to make your luxury holiday in Sri Lanka truly worthwhile. 

Savor Delicious Local Cuisines

1.	Rice & Curry
1. Rice & Curry

This delectable dish comprises green, red, and yellow curries prepared with seafood or meat, coconut milk, seasoned with spices, and served with vegetables like eggplant, jackfruit, and okra. 

2.	Kottu Roti
2. Kottu Roti

This mouthwatering dinner cuisine constitutes tattered thin dough pieces and a variety of meat and vegetable choices. There are several types of Kottu Roti savored with or without spicy curry. 

3.	Hoppers
3. Hoppers

This is a bowl-shaped pancake made from fermented rice, coconut milk, and flour, typically served with lunu miris and curry. Hoppers come in three types i.e., plain hoppers, string hoppers, and egg hoppers.  

4.	Pol Sambol
4. Pol Sambol

This spicy dish is made with grated coconut (pol), Maldive fish, lemon, onions, salt, and red chili powder, and is generally served with hoppers, rice, and curry.

5.	Gotu Kola Kanda
5. Gotu Kola Kanda

This part herbal, part soup porridge is made from rice and wild leafy greens including hathawariya and medicinal herb gotu kolam which belong to the asparagus family. 

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Indeed, Sri Lanka is currently experiencing an economic crisis which has affected the daily lives of common people. However, it is important to know that the tourism industry is one of the key drivers of the Sri Lankan economy as it employs over 3 million Sri Lankans directly and indirectly, and earns major foreign revenue to the island, which is central to surmounting the economic depression and returning life to normalcy. Therefore, vacationing in Sri Lanka at the moment may be the best helping hand you can give to put the country back on track.
Sri Lanka has been ranked 13th among the 50 best islands in the world and has been considered one of the best places to enjoy holidays for a long time now.
Any time of the year is ideal for visiting Sri Lanka as it is a tropical country with nearly the same season year-round, except for monsoon seasons that kick off at distinct times during the year, despite showering a guaranteed warm sunny climate.
A visa is required before entering the country. A 30-day tourist visa can be attained online for American and Canadian passport holders.
While visiting Sri Lanka, cotton clothes are best to wear, with long-sleeved tops and trousers or long skirts for the evening to avoid any mosquito bites. Cover your shoulder and knees when visiting temples while footwear and hats should also be removed while entering there. It is recommended to take a comfortable pair of socks to wear when entering temples. Pack a jumper or a light jacket if you are visiting the hill country.
It is recommended to reserve a chauffeur guide tour in Sri Lanka as you will have a private car and a driver. If you decide to use taxis, it is suggested to metered and registered taxis. Hotel staff will help you pick a taxi company. Public buses are generally used by locals but this can be an uncomfortable conveyance for tourists. There are a few luxury trains on which you can travel for which seat reservations have to be done in advance. Most drivers do not speak English.
It is suggested to eat hot food and avoid eating raw food and salads which have been sitting out for a long period. If the restaurant or café looks busy, the probability of the food sitting around for a long time is low. Avoid drinking tap water in Sri Lanka. Although the water is chlorinated and safe to drink, you might get stomach distress as you may not be used to the unfamiliar micro-organisms. Drink mineral water and make sure the seal hasn’t been broken and re-filled when buying from shops.
Sri Lanka is a tropical country therefore, most diseases that are spread by mosquitos, such as dengue are quite common. It is recommended that you take ample measures to avoid mosquito bites while you are in the country. Concerning medication, there are abundant pharmacies in every town where you can easily acquire common over-the-counter medicine. But for certain medications, you will require a prescription and might need to visit a hospital or a leading drug store.
Sri Lanka has some of the best luxury beach resorts for esteemed tourists. These include: • Taj Bentota Resort & Spa, • Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort • Anantara Kalutara Resort • Araliya Beach Resort & Spa • Shangrila’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa Travelers can reside in the above-mentioned resorts while relishing the finest amenities and making the best of their luxury Sri Lanka holidays.
The following are some of the best hotels to stay in Sri Lanka: • Wild Coast Tented Lodge - Relais & Chateaux • Malabar Hill Hotel • The Kingsbury Hotel • Marino Beach Colombo Hotel • Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel • Belmont Boutique Hotel Tourists can reside in the aforementioned hotels, enjoy their premium services, and make their luxury Sri Lanka holidays experience memorable.
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